Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: The Event "A Matter of Life and Death"

Non Spoiler Review:
For the moment, the airliner passengers are alive again, and proving a source of a lot of questions for the government. Sophia's colleague, Thomas, emerges from the shadows to makes threats and demands for the detainees' release. 

Sean and Scully continue their road trip to investigate the mysterious Vicky in the hopes it leads them to Leila, while Leila continues to be thrown into trunks, shipping containers and basements.  Just another uneventful episode with more running and vague threats.

Spoilers Now!
The resurrection of the passengers has put everyone in a tizzy, and they're locked away at a hospital to undergo close observation, including Michael, who is grilled by Sterling about what could possibly have made him want to fly a plane into the president. Michael confesses they have his daughters and begs for Sterling to look into it. The vice president isn't so sure Sterling can be trusted, given he was against the press conference in the first place.

Thomas comes out of hiding to contact the president and demand the release of all the detainees or he will start using their alien weaponry. Martinez demands that Sophia start cooperating, but all she can suggest is to listen to what Thomas is saying as he can make life really difficult for them all.

We get a flashback to when Sophia and Martinez were friends and she came to the White House for dinner with him and the Mrs. Sophia speaks of her dream to integrate her refugees into the American mosaic, much as how Martinez mother was a refugee from Cuba who's son became president.

Sean and Scully track an address from Vicky's records and show up to interview an older woman. Scully's FBI skills are as ineffective as ever, but Sean takes the lead and rummages around the house while they're talking, stumbling upon a small boy who can only be Vicky's secret son. So he takes his photo with his iPhone which is starting to power down (important plot point for later).

With this new information they confront the grandmother (Vicky's mother) and get an emergency contact number for Vicky. With that success, they're off on the next leg of the their cross-country road trip.

Leila, meanwhile, is now in the basement of a house and D.B. Sweeney accidentally breaks a beer bottle down there because he's a mess and has a drinking problem. His character also does, apparently. Leila is able to use the glass to cut her ropes, grabs a gun from Vicky and nearly shoots her, escapes to find a cop and is taken to safety at the local police department. What a relief!

We also get another charming flashback to Leila and Sean road tripping to her home for Thanksgiving to meet the folks. Dinner is great, but for the fact of Michael asking Sean personal and uncomfortable questions about his parents, and forcing Sean to go into detail about how terrible and drunk his folks are. But they ultimately think he's a keeper.

Leila confides her story to the cops, who are a bit skeptical, but allow her to call Sean which is awesome if not for the fact his phone dies and he decides he'll check his voicemail at some future point when storyline dictates.

We then get Vicky and D.B. Sweeney's perspective on things, and we flashback to earlier in the episode when they faked the whole escape in order for Leila to get to the police (whom they killed and replaced with their own men) in order to call Sean and have him come there. Sean is very important to their operation now because he's on to them.

Meanwhile, Martinez decides not to give up the detainees so Thomas gets all pissy about it and all the passengers in the hospital abruptly begin to hemorrhage.

Another very frustrating episode that is starting to become a trend. It seems the writers teased a lot of information in episode two and are now firmly spinning their wheels in letting us know anything further. There's a whole lot of talking among the upper echelons of the characters—Sophia, Thomas, Martinez and Sterling, and a whole lot of driving and running with Scully, Sean and Leila. Disappointing.

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