Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: The Walking Dead 79

Non Spoiler Review:
Following the attack on the town, this issue settles down to dealing with some character baggage and reflections on the new sense of danger, the recent deaths, and the walkers alerted by the fighting.

Nothing too surprising happened here, aside from pushing forward some ongoing character interactions inside the community, and finally ending with the ominous prospect of what the next storyline might entail.

Spoilers Now!
It begins to snow, and Abraham and his crew decide they must start to clean up some of the walkers gathering around the walls after the gunfight. 

Aaron and Eric return from their scouting travel. They encountered a woman they thought to recruit, but she ultimately stabbed Eric and stole Maggie's horse. He's all right, but Aaron refuses to go out anymore and tells Douglas they have enough people for their community. It's getting too dangerous.

Douglas is having a crisis of faith now that his wife is dead, and though they had their marital arrangement, he feels she was the better person and he treated her badly. He's happy to have Rick take charge of things. Morgan and Michonne discuss their recent fling, and he asks to get to know her better as he's not over his wife yet. 

As the issue closes, Andrea alerts Abraham's hunting party with a gunshot, and they realize that an even larger horde of walkers is approaching the walls.

What Worked:
This was a quieter issue that takes a breather from the previous action, but sets up the dynamic of the town after the attack. I'm sure much more sinister things are on the horizon given Douglas' horrified reaction to the prospect of snowfall. Will we see a virtual siege of the town over a long winter where supplies are at a minimum?

What Didn't Work:
Occasionally the black and white artwork doesn't do justice to the scene it's portraying. In this case, the final panel, I'm supposing, is showing the advance of a large group of undead. But it's not immediately clear if we're outside the walls or inside. 

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