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Review: Being Human (USA) "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong"

Non Spoiler Review:
Despite what we saw last week, Sally remains unsettled, with the new found engagement ring being the object of her focus, and thoughts begin to turn to revenge against Danny. Rebecca returns for another round of troublemaking for Aidan, and Josh's sister pops up again, just as his love life starts to get back on track.

After a strong week, Sally was maneuvering dangerously close to annoying territory again, but she does have some manner of an epiphany when she meets another unsettled ghost. There's lots of potential monster stuff with her abilities waiting to be explored. Josh, meanwhile, is becoming much more interesting after Ray's drama, and his storyline continues to move forward, on par with Aidan's now. He's much more fun to watch trying to experience life rather than crawl around in depression at what he's lost.

Coming off last week's strong showing, this was a decent follow up. Emily's characterization was a bit much to take (and I can sympathize with Josh for cutting her out of his life), but it was balanced nicely with a more charming take on Nurse Nora. 

Spoilers Now!
Aidan's narration muses on the differences that separate monsters and humans—the monsters have pretty much the same needs as everyone else. Josh is being stalked by Marcus, while Rebecca lures another victim to a hotel room. Danny tosses the engagement ring into the river.

But the ring remains with Sally. Aidan wonders how that's possible, but she seems to think it's her ring, and it's a charged object. Josh comes downstairs, dressed more dapper than usual, and gives Aidan some mail. It's a DVD of Rebecca, seducing the same victim we saw in the opening.

The three of them watch her have sex and then kill the man, while an embarrassed Aidan tries not to get aroused by the vampiry seduction scene. The other two are horrified as she puts on a bloody show. Sally didn't even know she was a vampire. Is that what they do, she asks. Josh asks if he's into that sort of thing. Aidan suggests someone's just trying to mess with him. But Rebecca has a serious hold over him, and he finds it difficult not to watch again when they leave.

Josh runs into bitchy nurse (who's name is Nora, apparently), and now she's significantly less bitchy and rather charming. They exchange friendly chit-chat but he's still quite awkward. At least she's not out for his blood anymore, and he suggests they go for dinner the next day. She gives a vague yes for an answer.

Aidan pops in to see Marcus, where Rebecca is currently hanging out again, and asks what the two of them are up to. Marcus calls it a video postcard. Aidan says it won't change his mind, but Marcus muses how interesting it is that he kept the DVD. Aidan says Marcus really shouldn't want him back, given Marcus would be nothing all over again. He strikes a nerve. After he leaves, Marcus comments that he thought Rebecca had more of a hold on him. 

Aidan joins Josh for lunch, who is still struggling over whether he's having a date with Nora or not. Aidan helps him interpret her comment, but he's proud of him for trying to achieve a more normal human life.

Suddenly...Emily appears! She's broken up with her girlfriend and is pretty devastated with nowhere to go. She guilts her brother into giving her a place to stay until she gets back on her feet, and though Aidan appears okay with it, Josh reluctantly agrees. 

Sally continues to obsess over the ring when Danny shows up—again with the plumbing. But—surprise—Aidan's there, and proceeds to strangle him, telling him he won't get away with killing a girl. Chomp! 

This, of course, is just Sally's daydream. But her freaking out is causing poltergeist activity in the house—again—and Josh, Aidan and Emily arrive to a shaking home that Aidan explains away as the trains.

Josh and Emily catch up on the front step. He apologizes for the things he said last time but she told their parents she had talked to him. When she goes inside, he notices Marcus is watching from across the street. 

Aidan suggests Sally get rid of the ring because it's causing her so much grief, but she's decided she wants to make Danny suffer. Her attitude is shifting towards revenge, but the ring is all she has left. She disappears, dropping the ring at Danny's apartment. He's sufficiently freaked out, and when Bridget comes over he thinks it's her that's messing with him. Evil Danny comes out and roughly grabs her arm.

Aidan watches the vampire DVD again. But Sally appears, talking to him about messing with Danny. She's feeling very satisfied, but Aidan's warning her to be careful about what she gets herself into. She asks if he's still in love with Rebecca and he admits he feels responsible for her. 

Josh is having Nora over for dinner so he wants Emily out for the night. Emily has been spending her time drinking mostly vodka the entire time she's been there, and greets Nora at the door. Nora isn't too phased by the forward sister, though.

Aidan and Emily go out to a club with Sally in tow. Sally runs into Lindsey, fellow ghost from the 90s. She encourages Sally to get revenge on Danny. She hangs out at the club to torture her own ex who comes there all the time scouting for chicks. She wants to ensure he never finds happiness.

Lindsey shows Sally that she can make people see and think horrific things (as she does to her ex). It took her years to learn, but for the past fifteen she's been able to do it. Sally asks about her door, but Lindsey has no idea what that means. She says good-bye and heads off to exact more vengeance, leaving Sally to ponder her actions.

In comes Rebecca, and Aidan has a chat with her by the bar. She concedes she can't go against Bishop because he made her, but she admits that Marcus brought her there to talk to him. She really has no choice and can't disobey them. The two of them go outside together and make out, but when she suggests they go back to her place, Aidan says he needs to find Emily and get her home. Marcus, meanwhile, has followed Emily out of the bar for a cigarette.

Nora is impressed with Josh's cooking, but he answers all her questions with very little detail. He does admit he met Aidan when he rescued him in a fight. Enough chit-chat—they start to make out. The doorbell interrupts their moment but it's Bridget. She's brought the ring back, saying she thinks it belongs there. Sally, who's home and standing behind Josh, notices the bruises on her arm.

Nora is ready to head home herself at this point, but as they share a parting kiss, a beaten and bloody Emily comes in. They rush her off to the hospital. Aidan arrives shortly after they leave and Sally fills him in. He heads off after them. The end.

The Verdict:
Though Bishop was absent, the plot to get Aidan to return to the fold continues, with Rebecca being used as bait again. Aidan's back and forth is making him come off as weak, given we're struggling to figure out his past and put his actions into context. What we need is a good flashback episode to put things in perspective. But we did get some input from Josh about Aidan saving him when they first met.

Whiny Sally was back, but at least she got a look at the vengeful ghost fate should she continue on her path. Sally's role in the house remains a bit awkward, given she's currently only a disruption and not really contributing. In fact, I'd still like to know what she does 24 hours a day, considering she can only be torturing Danny a portion of that time.

Overall, this week remained an entertaining installment, and I'm impressed at the full-on serialized nature of the series, given it looked to be heading back to more episodic shows. 

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