Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: The Walking Dead 89

Non Spoiler Review:
As Rick talks out his problems with Andrea, Nicholas' plot takes an unexpected and accelerated turn, prompting a sudden, violent confrontation in town.

A lot of Rick's inner turmoil is revealed here, and though it's not terribly surprising, it may open up some interesting directions for him and Carl. The story with Nicholas gets a kick in the pants, though, and I'm not really sure where this might lead next issue.

Spoilers Now!
Andrea finds Rick taking a crying moment in the abandoned office. He confesses that his hope for Carl to regain some kind of a normal life are all but dashed, as his son is completely changed from the boy he once was. He even questions whether it's worth keeping Carl alive if his innocence has been lost forever.

Recovering his composure, Rick directs his crew to return to town after finding very little as far as supplies in their neighbourhood search.

Meanwhile, Nicholas attempts to convince his compatriots that Rick and his people are trying to pick them off one by one in order to secure control of town. The only way to gain the upper hand is to kill Rick as soon as possible. This is overheard by Glen who walks up at the most unfortunate time.

Glen tries to convince them of the error of their ways, but nearly gets shot in the process, though escapes back to the house to secure Maggie. Nicholas and his bunch follow, and others come out of their houses as he tries to rally them to take over the town now before Rick gets back, demanding Glen surrender. Maggie comes out with a gun, prompting a stand off.

That's when Rick appears, demanding to know what's going on, and does Nicholas have any idea who he's dealing with?

The Verdict:
A decent entry this month, and I applaud Kirkman for moving the plot along briskly, given Nicholas' plans could have stewed over several issues if he'd wanted. For a moment I was wondering if Glen or Maggie would bite the bullet this time, but it appears they may escape unscathed. It looks as though Nicholas' actions will spur the next storyline, rather than be the plot itself.

Rick's confession added some depth to his turmoil. If he's now questioning whether Carl should even be alive anymore given the boy he knew is gone, that gets one to thinking what Rick could do in one of his crazier moments.

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