Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: The Walking Dead 91

Non Spoiler Review:
Food remains a big concern for Rick as a foraging party returns to town with minimal supplies. Meanwhile, he and Andrea are dealing with their feelings for one another, but it's his relationship with Carl that brings some surprises.

Issue 91 looks to be leading into a new storyline at last, judging from the final panel, and I'm feeling it's overdue, despite all the character dramas that continue to simmer against the backdrop of the tension in Alexandria. I'm curious to see where this Andrea/Rick thing goes, but I'm anxious for a greater scope to bring some news from the outside. 

Spoilers Now!
A week long supply run returns without the bounty they hoped, and this time Maggie has accompanied Glen to put her mind more at ease about his excursions. That leaves Sophia to stay with Carl, and the two discuss their current predicaments. Sophia is growing stable enough that she can admit that Maggie and Glen aren't her parents, and tells them as much when they return. They appear happy at her progress.

Meanwhile, Rick has another meeting of his council, discussing growing their own food and giving out instructions to begin to clear land. Abraham later notes that Rick's getting really good at giving out orders. Afterwards, Andrea wants to talk to Rick about the two of them, but he admits he can't get close to her for fear that she'll die. She understands, but also comments that the two of them are survivors and are pretty much meant for one another. Later, Andrea finds herself justifying her choices to Dale's hat, saying she has had these feelings even before she and Dale hooked up. She realizes she's talking to a hat and stops herself.

Aaron and Eric share some 20-year old Scotch they found on the search and kept from the others.

Rick asks the doctor if she can clean Carl's wound because his son won't let him and he finds it pretty disturbing anyway. She agrees. Later that night Rick asks Carl to turn out his light given it's draining power. Carl starts to rebel, telling him he really has no idea what it's like for him, considering he doesn't have an eye, just a hole in his head, so he might as well just shut up about understanding what he's going through.

Outside the gates someone is observing the community.

The Verdict:
A potential schism between Rick and Carl would really be a change in tone for this series. As Carl matures, he's certain to ask questions about his father's choices, particularly the ones that left him mutilated and his mother dead. Coupled with a potential Andrea pairing, that dynamic is going to be exciting to watch. It was interesting to see her stop herself from talking to Dale's hat, in contrast to Rick's ongoing conversations with the dead.

More simmering on the Abraham rebellion, but I'm not sure where this is going. And a scene with Aaron and Eric makes me wonder what role they'll play in what's to come. Sophia's slow evolution was a nice update too, though I question if that's leading to some new direction for her given it comes out of the blue. 

Finally, who is watching Alexandria? It almost seems inevitable that yet another outside danger is going to make itself known, so I hope this one doesn't follow a similar trend with the recent raider attack, or the Governor. What if it was actually the military or some form of government? Now that would be interesting, given we've seen nothing of that sort at all yet.

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