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Review: Being Human (USA) "Addicted to Love"

Non Spoiler Review:
Addicted to Love is an uneven episode that's primarily a mix of quick and erratic scenes and characters behaving oddly. Surprisingly, it redeems itself by the end with a dark and unexpected turn.

Another full moon beckons, and Josh and Nora continue to bicker, now with Brynn and Conner influencing them. Aidan continues to juggle his responsibilities and commitments to Suren, made more difficult when Mother arrives. Sally's dalliance with possession quickly gets out of control (never saw that one coming).

I wish the entire episode had been as good as the final ten minutes. The show has done well introducing a strong supporting cast. In fact, they are in danger of becoming more interesting than some of the regulars. Both the vampire and werewolf storylines are growing increasingly interesting and at least plot moved significantly forward.

Spoilers Now!
Aidan is back into his old ways with Suren, and Sally is enjoying sex in the body of her host (who is married to a doctor at the hospital). Josh and Nora are consulting with Conner and Brynn about where they go from there on researching the transformation. Nora's not keen on it at all and tells them they're kidding themselves if they think they can cure a curse

The three roommates actually all end up at home at the same time and wonder why Sally looks so hungover. She admits to experimenting with people. Aidan and Josh are a tad alarmed and Aidan warns her that it's addictive (haha). Why listen to her friends, though, when she's having so much fun. But it's not so fun when she realizes she can't leave the body.

Suren is summoned by Mother, who isn't pleased she's ignoring her responsibilities. The illegitimates have yet to be culled—Bishop's orphans are organizing apparently—despite her directive. Her daughter assures her she knows what she's doing and her mother just won't ever approve anyway. 

Sally goes to Josh (in the host body) trying to tell him that she's stuck inside. Doctor husband walks in on them and wonders why she's at the hospital so takes her home so she can hang with his mother. To make matters worse the dark shadow suddenly shows up and she freaks out in front of him. She gets thrown out of the body. 

Nora doesn't trust Conner. Suddenly her ex, Will, shows up at work. He's changed, he claims. Josh walks in on their conversation so she introduces them. He's furious for her letting him near her again. Oh, and it's the night of the full moon again, by the way. Conner suggests he and Brynn can take care of Josh's problem if he wishes. So he and Conner confront Will at his (remote) worksite in the wood, and Josh is about to hit him with a board when Nora walks in out of the blue and freaks out and goes to Will's aid. Will's okay, though, and won't press charges, but Nora's more than annoyed with Josh. She knows Will hasn't changed and she didn't need Josh to fight her battles for her.

Brynn has a girl chat with Nora and explains she and her family were raised with the wisdom of generations and she doesn't want Nora to be robbed of that kind of acceptance. Nora admits to spying on Will—she's been doing it every night. She realizes it's her wolf doing it and needs to know what it wants. Brynn suggests the wolf just wants to run free so they can become one. 

Sally's host shows up at Josh and Aidan's because she's seen the house in her dreams and something dark coming for her. They send her away but Sally is freaked and wants to help. Aidan agrees she should make it right, so Sally goes to see her and tries to communicate, then realizes she's drawing the dark shadow that's tracking Sally, and names it reaper.

In another 1930 flashback, Aidan goes to see Henry. He's risen in the ranks since sleeping with Suren. He's furious with Henry's recklessness in becoming involved with such a dangerous woman. There's a lavish party at their hotel where Suren finds her mother, who advises her it will be her last night in Boston given she's gained more than enough experience there. Suren wants to stay behind, but her mother tells her there will be other Henrys. Suren storms off to get Henry and flee, but finds him with another woman. Aidan decides not to intervene while Suren runs off. He gets into a fight with Henry as Suren kills the woman in the middle of the party. Aidan warns Henry to never come back and goes downstairs as Mother warns her she exposed them all (as the human crowd stares in horror) that leaves her no choice. She orders the doors locks and she and her vampires massacre everyone. As a result of her weakness, mother banishes her underground for a century. 

Back in the present, Suren decides to cull the vampires as soon as they find them, and if Aidan refuses her it will be over. Aidan takes Suren to Bishop's funeral home and finds traces that the illegitimates were there recently. While Suren goes off to search the building, Henry walks in and says hello. Aidan is elated to see him but he hides when Suren comes back from searching and Aidan tells her nothing. 

Will is back at his work when he's attacked and killed by three wolves. Josh wakes up and finds that Nora was never in her storage locker. She wakes up all bloody spooning with Brynn and Conner in the woods. 

The Verdict:
Addicted to Love is another uneven episode. Just when I was ready to write it off as a muddle of storylines, the last act really rescued it. The werewolf plot is by far the most interesting to me, and despite being spoiled rich kids, I really like Brynn and Conner. Nora and Josh got annoying early on, behaving so erratic with their on again/off again bickering, but it turned around when Nora revealed she was secretly stalking Will. The final scene was really quite ominous. It should provide some really interesting conflict if she embraces the wolf while Josh is attempting to rid himself of it.

The flashbacks to Suren's misstep, and the reappearance of Henry proved intriguing, as well. I really hope the Henry/Aidan dynamic turns out as promising as it looks. Aidan seemed pretty happy to find his protege alive.

Sally's story was its usual meh. Her addiction was inevitable, and I'm sure Stevie will reappear when he's most needed. The reaper plot might rejuvenate it, as long as it doesn't get just silly like Zoe's reincarnation factory. Speaking of which, why wouldn't Sally seek out Zoe, the resident reincarnation expert, if she was having so much trouble stuck in a body?

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