Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 99

Non Spoiler Review:
The community mourns Abraham's death, forcing many to examine their lives. Andrea and Rick grow closer, while Glen and Maggie come to a decision about their future. Rick struggles to figure out how to deal with Negan.

As Walking Dead approaches its milestone anniversary, pieces are being set into place for what is sure to be an exciting 100th issue. It's good to see how Abraham's death is affecting so many of the characters. A sense of grave danger is heavy over the series now as the reader seems to be the only one who knows how serious the situation is for Alexandria.

Spoilers Now!
Rick is feeling lost at what to do against Negan, and the loss of Abraham. Andrea asks to stay the night, which doesn't go unnoticed by Carl. Glen announces to Maggie he wants them to move to the Hilltop. She doesn't want to leave their friends, but says she'll go wherever he wants them to go. Eugene and Rosita both mourn for Abraham and the good man he was.

At Aaron's behest, Rick finally calls a meeting to discuss the situation. Rick wants to return to the Hilltop to get some assistance and figure out what they're really up against. Andrea isn't so sure it's wise to leave. Rick continues to believe Negan's numbers are small enough that they've dealt them a blow. Michonne also disagrees. But Glen announces they're moving to the Hilltop.

As they go to bed, Carl asks his father to stop treating him like a kid and to take him with them whenever he goes somewhere from now on. Rick promises. As Andrea stays over, Rick asks her to remain, given she's the one person who can defend the town.

Come morning, Glen and Maggie are packed up and join Rick and Michonne in the van, saying their good-byes. Andrea watches them go. Outside form the rooftops Negan's men send a message to their leader that they attack at dawn.

The Verdict:
I'm feeling a little nervous about some major characters given the 100th issue is bound to bring significant carnage, if not the destruction of Alexandria. I have a sense that Rick has grossly underestimated Negan's numbers and could return to complete devastation, especially given how the character situation has split itself up this issue.

Rick's foolishness is a bit much at this point. It's taken Abraham's death to at least make him consider he's underestimating Negan, but at the same time he remains confident the enemy lacks the numbers to assemble a sufficient assault. Yet there's no logic for this. The rest just seem to let him away with it. All except for Glen, who is worried enough to get Maggie out of there.

So I'm anxiously awaiting this 100th issue to see if the setting moves more permanently to the Hilltop and a broader war between communities. And which of our favorites gets killed this time.

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