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Review: True Blood "Gone, Gone, Gone"

Non Spoiler Review:
The vampire crisis escalates to a worldwide situation, but there is infighting among the Authority and Russell remains the wild card. Bill appears firmly converted to the cause. Pam and Tara must deal with the new regime's effects in the outside world. Hoyt comes to a critical life decision. Sam and Luna search for Emma, while Sookie and Jason team up to figure out gran's last message.

Gone, Gone, Gone presents one of the more heart-wrenching scenes in True Blood memory as it sends off a regular character and redeems a couple of others along the way. It's refreshing not having to deal with Ifrit or supernatural vigilante scenes this week. Now that the extraneous plots are wrapped up, the season is firmly back on a track, making for an exciting episode.

Spoilers Now!
The news reports all five TruBlood factories are destroyed with a spike in vampire attacks worldwide. Steve Newlin, the new Vampire League spokesman stresses there is nothing to fear. At night Sookie gets a visit from the familiar Bontemps coroner, who is suddenly a vampire and attacks her. She kills him with chopsticks. Andy arrives to take care of Sookie's problem and they determine he couldn't have been a vampire for more than a day or two. 

Molly is brought to the chancellors to have one last chance for a confession but Molly knows she's dead anyway and refuses. Bill performs the execution himself, activating the app that kills her. Russell and Newlin go out to eat. Bill goes into Lilith's vault and extracts some of the blood from the vile. Eric is then brought to him. Eric is willing to accept the true death, but Bill wants to save his soul given he saved his own life. Eric refuses the blood, but Nora insists and they force it upon him. He feeds Nora too and leaves them. 

Eric and Nora have their vision, but this time of Godric. He has evolved, which is what they've failed to do, but Nora refuses to listen. Lilith appears behind him and tears out Godric's throat until he disintegrates. Bill mysteriously watches the two of them from the video feed.

Maxine drives a recovering Hoyt home. She wouldn't let Jessica give him her blood in the hospital, but Hoyt has decided he won't waste his life and has taken a job in Alaska. 

The new sheriff, Elijah, is suggesting new business practices to increase revenues at Fangtasia. He also announces a new mandate from the Authority to create 30 new baby vampires in their area, or he takes Pam's progeny. Pam and Tara debate their orders. Pam refuses to make new children and tells Tara they don't need anyone else, much less Fangtasia, if it comes to losing the club.

Jessica's appearance at Merlotte's isn't good for business, but Sam sticks up for her when someone pulls a gun on her. Lafayette gets both of their backs and sends the two men on their way. Jason arrives, as both of them were called there to meet Hoyt, who explains his plans to leave. He asks Jessica to glamour him to forget about her and Jason. He wants to move on and have his life.

Sookie prepares to move in with Jason and consoles her brother over Hoyt. They opt to continue their investigation and search for other stuff under gran's bed. They find a compartment with a velum scroll they get analyzed at the university. They learn it's 200 years old, but the glyphs are indecipherable.

Sam is trying to track down Emma by calling Newlin's office. No one will believe he kidnapped Luna's daughter anyway. Newlin's in New Orleans for a debate with a congressman so Sam and Luna sneak into the studio but are forced to hide in Newlin's bag, which he takes with him.

Bill sends his security to pick up Jessica. The vampires watch Newlin do well in the debate while Eric seems to have accepted Lilith. He announces his conversion and also appears to have relinquished his vendetta with Russell.

Jessica arrives at the Authority where Bill wants to keep her safe. He gives her the tour, but she gets a little alarmed when he starts talking about them being chosen. It's reminding her a lot like her old bible studies. 

Sookie and Jason pass Hoyt's vehicle on the road, so Jason insists on stopping him to talk to him. He quickly realizes Hoyt only remembers growing up with Sookie, so he has to come to terms with losing his friend.

Tara leads Elijah in to a victim she claims she's accidently killed. It's all a ruse to kill Elijah. Pam arrives, advised by Tara that no one fucks with them in their house.

Emma shifts back into human form much to Newlin's annoyance. But Sam and Luna are now within the Authority and sneak away.

The chancellors meet discussing their next move but Russell is impatient—he tells them the blood of the fairies allows them to daywalk. Russell want to harness and study the blood, breed them if necessary. Salome explains they are of the night. Fairies are an abomination. She reminds him she can put him back in the ground, but he throws her across the room. Russell reminds them he's 3000 years old and stronger than all of them. He will not be constrained by Lilith. He will have the sun. He leaves.

Sookie shows the scroll to Hunter, who confirms it's their old language. Mirella is brought to them, who is 500 years old (and very pregnant). She explains it's a sacred pact. It dates from 1702, and is an agreement signed by John Stackhouse granting M. Warlow his first fay bearing heir. That would be Sookie.

The Verdict:
Hoyt's departure and mind wipe was one of the more touching moments we've seen in the series for quite some time. I'm guessing the character is gone for the near future, and that's a good thing. He's been pretty much exhausted the last couple of seasons, so Hoyt's story needs a break. 

What is Bill's game? The scene where he watches Eric and Nora's reactions on video implies he might have a different plan up his sleeve, but we'll see. We end with the inevitable—a renegade Russell. But it does leave the (new) Authority with a potential way to save the mainstreaming movement when the dust settles—blame everything on Russell.

It seems that Sookie's arc has now been relegated all the crazy, eye-rolling stuff. If the fairy burden weren't enough of a cross to bear, we get an attack by the coroner that was so out there it had me thinking it was a dream sequence right through until Andy showed up after the credits. 

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