Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 103

Non Spoiler Review:
This month takes care of some details of Rick's new arrangement—specficially handling Negan's arrival to take his due.

There are a variety of reactions among Rick and the survivors with this new normal, and particularly, this second appearance of Negan allows more insight into the man's psyche.

All in all a decent issue that kept a level of tension high given the unknown reactions of some of the characters around Negan (particularly Carl).

Spoilers Now!
Andrea's captured prisoner is set free, which does not sit well with her at all. But Jesus is secretly tailing him as he walks back to Negan's camp.

Andrea is about to move out on Rick but he reveals part of his plan to her—that he does have a scheme, and right now they're in a holding patter waiting for information. That makes her happy to hear.

Negan and his men show up for their first tribute, which creates a tense situation as he hands off his bat to Rick to hold the hole time, while confidently moving from place to place to take medical supplies—which creates another stand off with Denise that Rick must defuse. He's gracious enough to leave them all their food. Carl is the only one that steps in to say they're going to kill him, which creates a brief stand off between Negan and the boy before Rick forces him to go inside.

The Verdict:
For a relatively quiet issue, there was a lot of apprehension as Negan made his way through the community and interacted with the survivors. Carl's outburst especially brought a tense few panels as we wonder what Negan will do (and if anyone will stand up to Negan, it's him).

Negan appears to have his own sense of honor, allowing Alexandria to keep its food, yet taking what medical supplies he needs. But he's really just a saner version of the Joker. That makes him very dangerous given he has the intelligence to match his will to use violence.

Rick is in a tough predicament in his attempt to turn his people into sheep as a ruse to lure their new (and clever) enemy into a false sense of security. It's all quite tenuous given anyone could break ranks and take matters into their own hands and so get killed because of it. He's already been made to look very weak in front of his people.

Meanwhile, Jesus is on the road to hopefully bring us some details about Negan's home base. Given his comments to Rick about their houses, I'm curious where they're holed up that they don't enjoy the same luxuries. It will be interesting to see their conditions and if it shares any similarities to the Governor's stronghold.

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