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Review: Being Human (USA) "Going Dutch"

Non Spoiler Review:
Going Dutch returns to three separate stories again, but the main focus is on Bishop and his struggle to survive the visit from The Dutch. Now that Aidan's back into the fold, the vampire arc gets a bit kick forward, and the dynamic is certainly changing. Josh receives some shocking news from Nora, and Sally faces an unexpected attack from Danny on her own.

I'm not sure what to think of the Josh thing right now, or if it's just a red herring. But it certainly got me off the topic of werewolf Nora. Meanwhile, Sally's struggle didn't entirely work for me either. Her snarky attitude continues to rear its head at the worst times, and I'm continually comparing her with her BBC counterpart, Annie. Also, the idea that Danny and Bridget just walk in and out of Josh and Aidan's at will has gotten a bit too much to take.

The final moments of Going Dutch were tense and unexpected, leading to the deaths of a few regulars. Things continue to heat up. If only the writers would tighten things up a bit, as there continually seems to be some bit that gets glossed over. 

Spoilers Now!
The Dutch are taken to the blood brothel but don't seem impressed with willing victims who aren't killed. They feed on life, not blood, they tell Bishop. They end up killing all the girls. Marcus isn't too impressed Aidan is back, either. Bishop suggests there's a traitor among them given someone has told The Dutch everything about his plans, which means they'll all likely die.

Meanwhile, Danny and Bridget show up at the house (again!), and this time have brought Alanna, an exorcist who can sense Sally's presence right away. She lays out salt that binds Sally to the room. The first try at contact results in some poltergeist activity, prompting increasingly stronger measures.

As it turns out, Marcus had made a deal with Haggeman to be made leader after Bishop was removed, but he's told now maybe there are other options and killing Bishop isn't necessary. This doesn't go over well. Haggeman meets with Aidan and Bishop, and how it's come to his attention that he's been turning a large number of people to make his family public.

Their laws restrict numbers to ensure one clan doesn't become superior over the others. Aware of Bishop's plan to out the vampires, Haggeman says they've tried all that before and it never works, jeopardizing their very existence. Bishop challenges they are either the master race or not. Haggemann orders him to cull his clan by two thirds and go under the earth for 50 years. Aidan suggests he take the deal.

Nora's pissed off with Josh for vanishing for two days, and while he's apologizing for that she tells him she's pregnant (!). She says they were stupid not to use any protection. Duh. Josh subsequently has a nightmare about a werewolf baby. Aidan shows up at work to make an appearance, but he can't give Josh any indication about what's going on with bad vampire stuff. Josh tells him Nora's pregnant and oddly enough Aidan is excited for him getting a chance at a real life (probably not too exciting for Nora).

Marcus confides in Rebecca how Bishop turned him—Bishop had gone after his brother, who had killed himself before he could be made a vampire, so Bishop took Marcus instead. Shortly after they found Aidan, and he's been a third wheel ever since. He also comments that he was the one who betrayed Bernie on Bishop's command (probably not a good idea to share with her). He suggests they work together to come out on top.

At dinner (which is a glamoured pregnant woman with twins), Bishop begins to offer his decision but is interrupted by Aidan—he suggests Bishop scale back his plan and The Dutch can then report truthfully that Bishop is more than capable to run Boston. Then Aidan says he'll surrender himself as a heretic.

Bishop is taken aback by the offer, but goes on to say he rejects The Dutch and their orthodox philosophy, and now he's more alone than ever given both Marcus and Aidan have rejected him. So he makes a toast and concedes to The Dutch that he'll reduce his family.

The Dutch aren't feeling so well, though, as apparently all the girls they killed at the blood brothel were filled up on juniper, which has effects like rigor mortis. Bishop calmly impales them, despite Aidan's horrified protests. If they'd only drank a little, they would have been fine, Bishop muses, but they had to gorge themselves on his ladies.

Aidan attempts to save Haggeman by throwing the table at Bishop (with the pregnant woman!), but Marcus heads him off.  He's about to stake Aidan but Rebecca kills him, and the two of them run out, taking Haggeman with them.

Alanna is about ready to complete the exorcism when Bridget wants to know if Sally will go to heaven. She can't answer that, and Bridget has second thoughts. But Danny gets her to continue. Sally makes a desperate attempt to save herself and possesses the exorcist, giving her a vision of how she really died. Both Danny and Bridget can see Sally in Alanna, so he tries to strangle her, forcing Sally out of her again. Alanna recognizes Danny as a murderer. She hurries out, saying he deserves whatever she does to him. Bridget leaves him too, and as he grabs her, she says she won't tell anyone, as no one will believe her, but she wants him to let her go. So Danny is left alone with an angry Sally.

Josh and Nina make piece as he confesses he didn't think he could have children due to his genetic problems.

Haggeman begins to recover and Aidan tells him he needs to inform everyone what's happening in Boston. Haggeman advises him to prepare for what's coming and leaves. Aidan thanks Rebecca for saving him, and she tells him Marcus was responsible for killing the bullies. Bishop is too well planned for them and they need to be careful. She says everything has been out of her control until now, and asks Aidan to stake her. She was supposed to die, and now she'll be on the run forever. He reluctantly does what she wishes. She thanks him as she dissolves in his arms.

The Verdict:
It was no real surprise that Bishop would have something nasty up his sleeve, and he delivered by massacring the odious Dutch, and it's interesting that Aidan chose the status quo with Haggeman.

A strong vampire storyline made up for some erratic writing. Especially noticeable was how Aidan lapsed quickly into levity again when learning of Josh's future fatherhood, and now he thinks having a normal life is going to be good for Josh (despite advising him to abandon his family a few weeks back).

Hopefully Sally's exorcism serves to be the nail in the coffin for Danny. One of the problems with her storyline is that it has too much time on its hands compared to the tightly written British episodes that launched Annie very quickly into the other characters' stories. After nearly a season, she seems very much an outsider to Josh and Aidan. But that's been my running complaint.

Let's get to the most egregious moment in the episode—Did Aidan just throw a pregnant woman (with twins) and a table on top of Bishop? Seriously? Is there any chance she might have survived that? I don't think so. It's cool the writers are willing to throw such dark stuff Aidan's way, but only if they address it. This was done in such an offhand manner as if Aidan doesn't even care about petty humans when push comes to shove. All out of sight of Sally and Josh's judgemental eyes conveniently enough.

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