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Review: The Event "You Bury Other Things Too"

Non Spoiler Review:
You Bury Other Things Too brings Sophia back to full control over the diminished number of her followers, but her hardline approach to matters proves divisive for Lee, who is also exposed as the White House mole and forced to flee. Luckily for him, Leila is still wandering around in the background waiting to become his plot device. Sean and Vicky continue their pursuit of Dempsey, and Martinez and Lewis become the new anti-civil liberties super team that makes even scary Sterling say "Whoa, I can't be the bleeding heart liberal on the show!"

It seems as though the writers are trying to swing the pendulum wildly in the opposite direction, painting Sophia and Martinez as two peas in a pod as far as their attitude of "You're either fer me, or agint!" In fact Sophia says that very thing. But the plan that the President concocts with our favorite Alaska senator is bat shit crazy. Can't Sterling and Lee come up with a hair-brained scheme to lock Sophia and Martinez in a room together so they can hash it out. It always worked on Three's Company.

Spoilers Now!
The bus materializes in Thomas' community as Martinez's troops surround the destroyed buses, and Sterling congratulates Lee on his good work. Lee's having a hard time controlling himself as he watches videos of the burned up bodies. Sterling lets him know their satellites have found two unique EM signatures which might indicate the teleportation device.

As Lee heads off, they have him under surveillance. Lee prepares to call Sophia, but is warned by another cell phone ringing, and a garbled voice on the other side saying he's been compromised and not to make the call. The voice gets him out of the surveillance and free to a waiting car. 

A Pakistan terrorist group is blamed for the Washington Monument. Martinez and Sterling are considering another mole is in the White House. They've already identified a lot of the sleepers on the buses, and many were in high ranking positions. Martinez is meeting with Lewis again and brings her into the loop about the sleepers (she's apparently been filled in about the whole alien thing offscreen). Lewis is eager to help.

Martinez suggests a program to test all American's DNA to find any more sleepers. Lewis used to work at the CDC and they want her opinion on how to covertly enforce such a policy, so she says they should have the CDC announce a drug resistant strain of TB, and so mandatory testing would allow them to also test the DNA of the populace. Why, she can even get this up and running in a couple of days. Martinez brushes off Sterling's doubts (and horror) and gets her going on the project (!).

Simon has made his way to the community and consoles Sophia. She talks to the survivors. They had sworn an oath never to harm the inhabitants, but she can't consider Earth benevolent and the oath no longer applies. What matters now is that their two billion people will be brought to Earth as Thomas planned no matter the cost. 

Henri shows Sean how to get to the archaeological site. Vicky tries to tell him there's only one way to stop Dempsey and that's to kill him. Otherwise they'll not win. He cranks up his laptop and deletes the computer virus and tells her she's free to go. Aw. But she's had a change of heart and gets in the car with him later. She wants to put all the things she's done for Dempsey behind her too, but she advises him killing people isn't as easy as it looks, which is why she became a boozy whore to cope.

Dempsey chats with his scientist analyzing the newly discovered urn. The inscriptions seem to speak of a tribe of guardians. Dempsey thinks he's going too slow so breaks it open (with the hammer he carries around) and finds a scroll inside.

Lee and Sophia have a chat about the situation. She realizes they will have to make room for two billion people and Sophia is considering permanent solutions. She sees he's not okay with that, but asks him if she has his loyalty. He swears.

Then he goes to see Buchanan, who's getting bitched out by Leila because she can't leave the compound. They talk outside, and he's concerned about the upcoming extermination of the human race. He knows Buchanan's not okay with it because, you know, he married one of them and had some kids. He wants him and Leila to come with him to warn the humans. They agree. And he knows he can trust Buchanan, after all he was only blackmailed into piloting a plane full of people to kill the president and his entourage.

Vicky and Sean get ambushed at night by some vehicles in the mountains, leading to Vicky getting captured and Sean running off into the woods. Vicky's brought in to Dempsey, who's trying to read his new scroll. It's suddenly daylight, too. Because he has a prisoner, he opts to reveal plot information to her, so he explains he's part of a long line of sentinels who has been given the task of protecting everyone against the aliens (I'm assuming aliens as Dempsey just points up, so that could also mean Jesus, or clouds, or birds). He asks about Sean and what kind of connections he has. Every time he's put an obstacle in his path, Sean has found a way around it (potential Sentinel). He orders her killed.

Henri goes home to find Sean, who knocks him out with a shovel and ties him up. Suddenly it's Reservoir Dogs. Sean accuses Henri of setting them up. Henri protests his innocence but Sean smashes his hand with a hammer, then throws up. After some more hand smashing Henri gives up the address where Vicky's being held. 

pissy about civil liberties and nonsense and walks off in a huff. Later, as Lewis and Martinez are enjoying their epidemic conspiracy planning, she advises everyone in the White House has signed on except his wife. He's okay with her ethical issues but Lewis is not, who suggests she might have more nefarious reasons (Alien Sleeper!). He tells Lewis to let it go. But he can't help wondering if his wife is an alien (Alien Sleeper!).

Buchanan's betrayed Lee too, having him ambushed when they prepare to leave. Sophia is really not impressed how he doesn't want to save his own people. He won't go along with genocide, so she has him taken away. Leila watches, waiting for her chance to go on the run with him, because she's been stationary too long with no one to bitch at but her dad.

Dempsey has his fancy stone map with him and tosses one of the chips in the fire. Meanwhile, his man is pouring gasoline around their fancy house and burning it down (also with fire) as Vicky remains tied up inside. She needs a hero. And that's spelled S.E.A.N.

Yes, yes, there's all this mirror imagery going on in the promo photos to show us everyone is switching roles. Exactly who are we to cheer for at this point? Sterling, who has had his hawk wings clipped by Martinez and Lewis' bag of crazy bat shit? Sophia, who is now the evil alien queen about to exterminate the planet and really could have solved the entire problem if she had learned the value of telling the truth? The new super couple, Sean and Vicky, with his deadly hammer of truth? Actually, I think it's poor Lee, who is about to go on the run with Leila (ugh) and save the world. 

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