Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: The Event "One Will Live, One Will Die"

Non Spoiler Review:
And The Event drags on, this time Sophia plans to let loose the virus in a mall to track how the disease progresses, leaving Sean and Vicky to do some mall running to attempt to stop it. Jarvis and Sterling play games trying to get the upper hand as Simon arrives sporting a vial of anti-alien cure-all juice.

The series grows increasingly more tedious as the characters dither here and there to stretch things out just a bit more. In fact, the scenes are cut so quickly (whether it be the familiar assault teams surrounding buildings, the reactions of the president's staff watching their TV screens, or crowds evacuating the mall) they could likely have shaved off twenty minutes just right there. And pay no attention to the episode title, as it isn't true. But it probably will be next week.

Spoilers Now!
Sophia has Leila taken away while Dr. Liu comes up and says "Oh, by the way, Buchanan must have stolen my vial of DNA repairing compounds!" Sophia orders their suburban hideaway evacuated before Simon can alert the authorities and gets in touch with Jarvis.

Meanwhile Peel has given Jarvis a list of candidates to replace Sterling, but adds that Sterling is irreplaceable, which makes Jarvis all snippy. Then he gets Sophia's call, which doesn't help. She advises him Simon has the antidote for the poison and is on his way. She orders Jarvis to focus and stop him from reaching the hospital. He's the god damned president now, after all.

Sean seems to be able to find the missing car because all rental cars have tracking devices on them. Vicky, however, doesn't think the virus could be all that bad, leading Sean to recite more facts and figures from the original Spanish flu epidemic, and she seems convinced.

Simon pops in to see Sterling at home, but he pulls a gun on him. Sterling's all "You! You traitor!". But Simon says he has an antidote and he's done with Sofia and all her crazy for good. Simon still believes there can be peace, and gives him the vial. Sterling has nothing to lose, so takes it. But he notices there's a car outside and Jarvis must have put a tail on him, which means Sophia knows they're there.

Sean and Vicky find the car in a parking lot, but the trunk is empty, aside from a convenient set of blueprints for the mall and the air circulation system. Inside, Alexandra is preparing to release the virus as Sophia needs a larger sample to record how the virus propagates, given the outbreak on the ship killed everyone much too fast. 

As the assault team prepares to storm Sterling's house, the cops show up and create a big ruckus, which is actually a nice plan—Sterling called in an armed robbery and managed to get away. That leaves Jarvis to make the unhappy call to Sophia, who tears him a new one. He let's her know Simon's working with Sterling now. He's had enough of her sass, though, and doesn't believe what she's telling him. But she says he has no other options. "That's not what we agreed to!" he protests. "I'm changing the conditions of our agreement!" she says.

Sterling says the only option to deliver the vial is the First Lady, but Jarvis has already restricted her access to the president. Sterling calls her and gets her to meet him, but the call is intercepted by Jarvis' men, though it's encrypted and will take a few hours to decode (like the final scene of the episode).

Sean and Vicky decide the aliens must be on the roof so he tells her to evacuate everyone while he runs up. She's like "Sean! pause...Be careful." Alexandra is on the roof getting ready to plant the device in a complicated hookup with the air filtration system. Vicky tries to use the fire alarm but it's disabled, so she tries to convince the security guard to help. But she's too impatient with his need for an explanation, and so she grabs his gun and takes him hostage.

The aliens phone Sophia to let her know she has a visual on the site to monitor the test. But all that running around gets Sean identified by Sophia on the cams, so she wants him stopped. Sean gets pinned down by gunfire on the roof.

Jarvis gets to the First Lady at the hospital and apologizes that there must have been some mix up. He tells her that Martinez was poisoned and Sterling is behind it with the help of Simon. She remembers she thought Sterling was keeping something from her, so she gives up where they are. She tells him they're supposed to meet at a warehouse and gives him the address. 

Sophia needs to know what Leila told Sean, so she asks nicely, then gets bitchy. She tells her she's ensured Sean's death like she did her father and leaves her locked in the back of a van.

Vicky gets to the security room and her hostage now seems to believe her given one of the security men is dead. He hits the alarm and the mall begins to evacuate. Vicky gets to the roof just in time to save Sean, but Alexandra has set the timer and run off.  

Simon and Sterling get to the warehouse while Jarvis is watching in his war room via satellite. Peel doesn't believe Sterling is a traitor. Jarvis announces he's coordinating with the air force himself and has a predator drone readied for an air strike. The general isn't impressed and leaves while Peel tells him it's an assassination. The drone blows up the warehouse, and a solemn Jarvis asks for confirmation on the kills. 

Alexandra gets off the bus, which is now at Sophia's hideaway, and finds out they disarmed the device. But guess what? Alexandra actually released the virus on the bus and everyone's dead, so Sophia's pretty happy they have their research. Dr. Liu has found a way to slow down the virus—if they jump the virus into the right species they can screen for a suitable strain. They just need to infect a bridge Leila. Yay!

With Jarvis feeling secure, he now allows the First Lady to see her husband, so she takes him some flowers and shuts the curtain. At the same time, we see the team inspecting the warehouse find a tunnel that leads to an out building. Sterling and Simon escaped. That's when Jarvis gets the decrypted conversation—Sterling told her to go to a pay phone and call her back. He revealed that Jarvis is behind everything and he has a way to save her husband. 

Jarvis can't believe she lied and it was all a diversion (thanks for explaining that, Jarvis). We even get a convenient flashback (twice!) showing Simon is posing as an orderly and the First Lady has a syringe in the flowers that she now injects into her Martinez.

Speaking of injections, Leila is restrained and given the virus while Sophia rattles on with a boring history lesson on the Spanish Flu and how she will help them spread it. Bummer for her that's the last thing she'll hear.

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