Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: The Event "Us or Them"

Non Spoiler Review:
Arrgh, when is this season going to end? The last few episodes have been nothing but filler. Let's see...this week Sean and Vicky get on the plane with the flu courier and spend the flight sharing awkward looks. While Sterling wears his sad panda face all episode. Sophia and her alien cohorts are officially irredeemable, leaving poor Simon as the only one possibly worth saving. And the president is still dying.

Us or Them was yet another completely unnecessary episode in what should have been a season half as long.

Spoilers Now!
Martinez goes into cardiac arrest or something while Jarvis assumes the presidency. But that's just the teaser fake out, as he's stabilized after the commercial. Simon is watching the situation on TV and gives Carlos a guilt trip about following Sophia, which is just another fake out to get him mad so he can kick him and try to escape. But he fails, though Carlos has to get a band-aid for his nose.

"Still has more life than this show."
Jarvis shocks the cabinet at his first meeting by announcing he's changing tactics and going to start diplomatic negotiations with Sophia, and stand down all military that's currently targeting the aliens. Sterling, Peel and the generals have a fit.

Sophia gets a call that the frozen body is ripe with the virus, but the people on the ship were accidentally exposed and died. The strain works more quickly than they thought (no kidding). The courier's name is Alex, and en route to New York.

A guy boards a plane in Murmansk with a shiny scientific-looking bag. Sean and Vicky run through the airport (probably unwise in Russia). They're able to buy the last available tickets before the doors close. Sean pegs the courier pretty quick, because of his posh metal carry on suitcase that he takes with him to bathroom.

Sterling goes to the hospital to mope around, and tries to console the First Lady, but he only gets her dander up when she thinks he's hiding something.

Alien Doctor Liu tells Sophia the president will never recover and will die shortly. Buchanan walks in as Sophia would like him to take care of Simon now that he's tried to escape again and they can't afford him getting away. Buchanan's always been her loyal servant, and she tells him he'll do this for her (crazy bitch). He says yes.

Vicky spills coffee all over the courier and he runs off to the bathroom again, where Sean is waiting to tackle him. Vicky gets the case and it's been cracked open, and they find out it's just cocaine. Whoops. The steward comes in to check on the commotion but everyone's all "Hey, it's cool."

Sean suggests Vicky might know someone in the CIA, and then they could divert the plane and quarantine it. She's worried about them all getting infected. Big picture, Vicky! The virus would be contained, at least. Sean cracks open his laptop and she knows someone in Homeland. Sean takes that moment to say he's starting to trust her and sorry for being so difficult. He messes it up, though, and doesn't tell her what she wants to hear, so she's back to "I'm just doing this to protect my family. I'm not in love with you or anything like that. Jeez." At that point I was hoping they just shoot down the plane.

Buchanan heads off to kill Simon but Leila wants to know what's going on. He says he has to go, but she tells him a boring story about killing a bird when she was a kid blah blah blah. She tells him he's not the father she once knew (kind of in a way that means she won't see him alive again and will carry the guilt around with her the rest of her life). He walks out. 

Sterling gets the coffee results which show traces of an unknown bio catalyst that was synthesized. They don't have the science to create it. Sterling goes to see Jarvis and tells him the president's condition is not an accident. Jarvis is "Wha?" He tells him he tested the coffee and guess what...them aliens are behind it. Once he realized Sophia was involved, it occurred to him that Jarvis couldn't do this alone. Busted. He tells Jarvis he's a puppet. Jarvis tells Sterling he's fired. 

On the death plane, Sean notices a military jet come up alongside to escort them to Andrew's Airforce Base. Sophia is alerted that the plane's been redirected so she decides to call Jarvis and get him to release it. She orders him to do it. He's all, "But we're a team!" She's not even bothering anymore. She says if he has any doubts about how serious she is, look out his window at the Washington Monument and she'll tell the world about the assassination. Click.

The planes are called off, and jump to JFK Airport with Sean and Vicky disembarking. Then they realizes Alex is Alexandra, their sexy Russian flight attendant, who walks right by them. They nearly get to her in the parking garage but a car cuts them off. Sean gets a gun to his head by the driver, but Vicky pulls her gun too. She ends up letting them take the case and puts down her gun, much to Sean's irritation. The bad guys get away, and they even let Sean go. He's infuriated and they steal a car and take off after them.

Buchanan shows up and relieves Carlos and then fires a bullet into the wall, telling Simon he's getting him out of there. Carlos gets beaten up again, and the two of them head out. Simon wants to get Dr. Liu to help Martinez and Buchanan says he'll handle that (so we actually don't have to see what he does to get the antidote).

Carlos is discovered and the community is locked down. Simon and Leila have already made their escape, but wait for Buchanan. He shows up but gets shot pretty quick, but produces a vial he got from Liu. He gives a sobby good-bye. Leila sends Simon off to take the vial to the president, but won't leave her dad. Then Buchanan dies and the aliens catch up to them. Sophia shows up and is thoroughly pissed. 

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