Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Non Spoiler Review:
The Harry Potter series comes to a fitting conclusion with the final installment and second part of the Deathly Hallows. Picking up right where the last film left us (escaping the Malfoy mansion and the death of Dobby), Harry, Hermione and Ron get right into the action with a daring raid on Gringotts to find the next of Valdemort's Horcruxes on their list. Meanwhile, the dark lord has the Elder Wand. From there, the pace doesn't let up at all, building to the inevitable, epic battle at Hogwarts.

There's really little to critique in this culmination of so many years of build up. As an action film, Deathly Hallows delivers in spades. In fact, this film is a stark contrast to the slower, more intimate first half which was so devoted to character. As a result, this one may have suffered a little given the focus on spectacle, though the previous movie more than made up for that.

And that's not to say that there still weren't great character bits. But with so much to jam into this film, some very dramatic moments sometimes lacked the moments to really show the affects on some of the players. Given I haven't read the books also didn't help in this respect, making it easy to miss key bits of dialogue in the commotion (especially regarding Draco).

I've remained relatively unspoiled regarding the conclusion, so I found the revelations (and the redemption of a few characters) to be quite rewarding. The thick amount of continuity continually referenced certainly requires a rewatch of the entire series within days of viewing this film in order to fully appreciate it. But that's what DVD boxed sets are for. What I may have missed in trying to remember the number of Horcruxes and various names thrown about was quickly forgotten in the greater excitement of the story.

Visually, the Battle of Hogwarts was amazing, carrying greater impact given its been the setting for all these movies. To see it brought to ruin was as powerful as watching any character die.

It's sad to see the end of the franchise, but few series have been allowed to complete themselves in such a full and indulgent way, with the added benefit of the pivotal roles remaining unchanged. It's hard to imagine the levity and innocence of the early movies when compared to the gradual, organic way each film carried the series further towards the darkness and adulthood. I walked away quite pleased with the resolution and not at all disappointed. This franchise has taken up a good part of my movie going life, but I'm very happy to see it completed so well. 

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