Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: The Walking Dead 87

Non Spoiler Review:
Work on fortifying the community continues as Rick does some soul searching. This month gives more focus to Abraham, Rosita and Holly's triangle. But new issues also arise, including some dissent among the townspeople over the new regime, Maggie wanting to protect Glen from future excursions, and Rick and Andrea continue their chit chat.

Very much in line with last month's issue, 87 carries forward the character focus, but does end on an interesting development. A new person is introduced to provide future conflict, no doubt. And some other matters present themselves. While another thoughtful issue, it's time the plot moves more towards the action side of things again.

Spoilers Now!
As Rick and Andrea continue their walk through town, Abraham has a run in with Rosita, who makes a point of rubbing his nose in it that she's moved in with Eugene. When he goes home to Holly he admits that he feels sad for Rosita and it doesn't seem right that he should be happy with Holly now. 

Denise tells Rick that she's hopeful for Carl, but she's done all she can. He could remain in his coma indefinitely. Andrea invites him over for dinner. Later, he goes to Jessie and Ron's graves to confess his guilt for making so many wrong decisions. He then reluctantly talks to Lori on the phone and is told how she wishes it was him who got shot in the head. She never wants to talk to him again.

The next day some of the townspeople are on trench digging duty, and new character Nicholas thinks it's ridiculous they're taking orders from Rick and his crazy group, given everything was just fine before they got there. Heath rakes him over the coals for conveniently forgetting how weak they were before Rick arrived. But he's angry that they've handed the keys to the town over to them without a fight.

Olivia tells Rick their food supplies are starting to run low, so he starts organizing a plan to stock up. Maggie asks him to keep Glen home, so he assures her he will find something for him to do in town. Then Denise runs to get him, as Carl has woken up. Rick races over as Carl opens his eyes and asks where his mother is.

The Verdict:
Another leisurely issue notable for Carl's return, which overshadowed much of what transpired earlier. Whether this amnesia twist is actually true, or just a red herring, it's good that we're not stuck waiting for him to wake up for any more issues.

Kirkman has spent the last few months setting up a lot of new relationship dynamics. Rick and Andrea's dinner plans got me further wondering if she's decided to put the moves on him. Then again, she's well aware of how erratic he is, so it's likely just friendliness. But I'll throw down and say they're going to hook up. Hopefully Abraham's relationship problems don't explode into a whole load of violence. He's been acting a bit edgy of late with all that's gone on. Nicholas gets an introduction as a potential rabble-rouser who could be stirring up trouble.

The food problem is another potential crisis. But that should get some of them out of town and on the road again. I'm ready to move on to the next big storyline and see what's going on outside of their community.

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