Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Being Human (USA) "It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To"

Non Spoiler Review:
The heavily uneven season comes to a climax with Aidan and Suren having to deal with Mother. Nora springs some more convenient supernatural secrets on Josh, that prompts him to take action. Sally has had enough of her crazy and decides to try to get to limbo and maybe make amends for all the horrible things she's done.

Once again, everyone is involved in their own independent story lines, with no bleed over whatsoever, aside from a scene where everyone catches up on what they plan to do. Ultimately, all three end the season within their own plots.

I can't say I'm going to miss the show at all. Season two really turned into a chore to get through and stumble over unlikable characters and their selfish choices. Unless there's a big writing turnover, I doubt season three will be any better.

Spoilers Now!
Suren explains to Aidan she came back to the fold to protect him, given Mother would never have rested before she hunted him down. But that doesn't stop him from scheming to get her back at any cost, including enlisting Henry to kill Mother, who is having a reception at her lake house. Mother is leaving Boston, likely for years, but is making an announcement. Henry's been put on guard detail.

Josh gets a message Nora is in the hospital. The eclipse prompted a change at work (she got her job back) and she has a concussion from falling down the stairs. Nora has another tidbit about werewolves she neglected to mention but conveniently reveals—the curse is in the bloodline, so if he kills his maker, he cures everyone he ever made (pressure!). But she asks him not to because she doesn't want him to become a murder.

Sally fills Aidan in about limbo, while Josh returns home and lets them know he's killing Ray with Haggeman's gun. Aidan reveals he's going to kill Mother too, so Sally offers to help. Sally possesses Ray's wife to draw him out into the country. While waiting, she and Josh say goodbye, given he won't be able to see her if he's successful. She sees reaper, who knew she would slip up and start possessing people again.

Aidan's plan fails, and Mother was expecting him. At the reception, she announces Suren as her successor, and brings out a beaten up Aidan for Suren to kill. Suren balks at doing it, of course, but Mother insists she rid herself of distractions. Aidan tells her to do it. Suren accuses her of wanting everyone to witness her failure again. Suren says she can't, but Mother understands and embraces her. Then she kills her daughter. Aidan manages to free himself and nearly kills Mother, but is dragged back, and taken out to the grave where Suren was buried for the last eighty years. He has no regrets, because he tells Mother she'll have to live on knowing she killed the only person who loved her. He's buried.

At the hospital, Sally asks her mother to shred her, as she needs to go to limbo and thinks there's a way out for all the ghosts she's doomed there. Rena doesn't want to, of course, but Nora walks over and (conveniently) finds out how Sally helped Josh, so she runs off to find him. Sally and her mother bicker, and then Rena's door suddenly shows up, so she offers it to her daughter. Sally won't steal it though, and ultimately just shreds herself and disappears.

Ray shows up on the road and Josh forces him to the cabin where Aidan is supposed to meet him. But when Nora catches up Ray runs off. He gets the leg up on Josh and takes him down. Nora has her own gun and arrives to stop Ray from killing him. Josh tells her to shoot him and save herself. There are two gunshots.

In the house, the radio turns on and Sally calls out for Aidan and Josh, and needs their help (because shredding herself to limbo was a bad decision).

The Verdict:
There's little more to say on this. The storyline has turned back to the UK version (with Sally trapped in the afterlife and talking through the radio). But their way of going about it made little sense. Why does Sally seem to think she can be this expert on the afterlife? She relies on everyone for (bad) information. Why did Rena even need to show up, unless to set up some kind of rescue for next year? How did Sally just shred herself?

No one is in any real tangible danger. Julia has been swept out of the way for a Josh/Nora reunion next year. With the added benefit that Nora is now the fount of werewolf knowledge.

So many characters have come and gone, we've never had a chance to really connect with them, so their deaths lack any meaning—Suren played one note all season. Who cares if she's gone for good. Even Henry got pushed to the back burner again, ready to be pulled out for convenience next year. And considering everyone's decisions this week could mean all three would never see one another again, it was all addressed in a very casual manner as if they were just going out for the night. Sally was leaving (possibly for good), Aidan was likely going to have to go on the run forever, while Josh and Nora had a chance at curing themselves. Yet we get no slow motion/musical queues/montage good-byes, which is a standard trope for this series even for the most mundane event.

It's been a lacklustre season, devoid of any charm or warmth. I highly recommend anyone not familiar with the UK version to check that out and see how real fully developed characters interact.

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