Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 95

Non Spoiler Review:
After a very slow build up getting to the Hilltop, part three of A Larger World abruptly breaks out of the gate as introductions are made with the powers that be, only to be interrupted by a would-be assassin. Rick is forced to action, and the results are a bit surprising.

Getting a peak inside the Hilltop (at last) lived up to most of my expectations. And Kirkman didn't waste any time throwing the group into a weird series of events. Some parts appeared contrived to get Rick in the necessary position, and I'm a bit doubtful about the reactions of some of the citizens.

While the storyline risks treading on some familiar waters, it has lots of potential. There is a real sense that the focus is changing for good this time. 

Spoilers Now!
Rick still has doubts about walking inside the Hilltop, but Carl basically tells him they're good people, so he acquiesces to trust Jesus (who let's them keep their weapons as a sign of good faith). They're spotted by two guards on the wall, Eduardo and Kal, who think it could be a man named Negan until Jesus tells them to stand down.

The settlement (composed of a lot of trailers, a water tower and a large manorhouse) impresses Rick's group, who see a functioning civilization of 200 people. At the main house, they're introduced to Gregory, who takes no humility in letting them know he's pretty much responsible for everything there and the leader of the community. He asks to meet with Rick on his own.

They're quickly interrupted by a man named Wesley who tells them Ethan is finally back, but missing his fellow travellers, David, Crystal and Andy, whom he says are dead. Gregory demands to know if it was Negan. Ethan explains Negan told him they weren't meeting their end of the bargain, still has Crystal and wanted a message delivered to Gregory—so he stabs him. Rick takes down Ethan and is forced to kill him, while everyone else stands around doing nothing.

Their medic, Carson, arrives to tend to Gregory, while Michonne, Andrea, Glen and Carl arrive to see Rick covered in blood, and the rest of the townspeople staring at him.

The Verdict:
It was all a bit of a coincidence that Rick's crew arrives at just the time to stop Gregory's assassination, and I felt it a stretch that the citizens would by in large behave like sheep just standing around. We've yet to meet Negan, so he could be a terrifying individual who has everyone in an appeasing mood, but Kirkman continually runs of the risk of creating Governor 2.0 with this storyline.

Gregory looks to be a problem with his self-importance. We've had examples of various leadership styles in the Governor and Douglas. It will be interesting to see Gregory's backstory and where he comes from, and if this is a person Rick can work with (considering we've endured issues and issues of Rick not trusting people).

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