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Review: True Blood "We'll Meet Again"

Non Spoiler Review:
Tara continues to adapt to her new life while Pam has a reunion with Eric. Romans struggles to get more information out of Nora about the sanguinistas, while realizing the conspiracy runs deeper among the Authority. Bill and Eric start their search for Russell. Sookie comes to terms with losing nearly all her friends.

Another full episode, this one was an improvement on the last. There's still quite a muddle of characters, and even though Terry's plot gets a lot more development it still remains very uninteresting with the host of other stuff going on. The Pam and Tara stuff is a pleasant surprise. It's quickly growing into one of the great relationships on the show.

Spoilers Now!
Pam rescues a horribly burned Tara and commands her never to try it again. Tara just wants release. She returns to Fangtasia to find Eric and Bill waiting—both have been freed by the Authority for their mission. That leads to explanations how she's turned Tara. Bill counsels Tara on her new life. She's definitely not a fan of Sookie anymore and warns him to stop worrying about her because there will always be some fool to take a bullet for her.

Eric suspects Pam of freeing Russell but she vows she's never betrayed him and had just about enough of him. She tells him to just release her and get it over with if that's what he wants. Eric rejoins Bill and admits he believes Pam. Bill suggests Nora might be behind it given no one else would know of Russell's imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Alcide takes off in a huff as Lafayette walks out to realize Sookie told him everything. She wants to start doing right, but he calls her the angel of death and storms off too, leaving her to cry and run to Jason's. She wants to turn herself in for Debbie's murder. He gets filled in about Lafayette and Tara as well, which leaves him with a lot to absorb. Jessica overhears and comes out.

Meanwhile the Authority is pondering if Eric and Bill actually killed Russell and are just using this as ruse to rally the sanguinistas. As Salome comes to bed, Roman is watching Nora's torture on video. He needs her to talk to her to get more information.

Sookie finds it difficult to work with everyone's minds thinking on how horrible a person she is. Lafayette has another transformation into his demon persona and tears up Sookie's car. While driving home the car accelerates on its own and she jumps out at the last minute. She gets home and gets drunk.

Alcide talks to Debbie's parents about the truth of her death, that she was killed by Marcus. They tell Andy they got what they came for and return to Mississippi. Jason is only too happy to hear that, but Andy smells a rat. He decides to get a search warrant. Jessica abruptly shows up and glamours Andy to close the pelt case. Problem solved.

In South Dakota Patrick and Terry are on the trail of their missing comrade. Terry flashes back to Iraq when they got drunk in a prayer tower. When a man tries to stop them, they shoot him. That brings out a crowd of people and when shots are fired that leads to a gunfight and massacre of the civilians.

They find their comrade's home seemingly abandoned but a compartment under the floor with a room covered in drawings of a fire monster. But he's still there and pulls a gun on them.

Pam rises and watches Tara sleep. Eric comes down to chat. He confesses the Russell search is a suicide mission. He doesn't want her there when the end comes and admits she's right. He has to release her. But only because she is his only progeny and he wants a legacy. She understands. Pam later gets Tara up, bringing a girl to feed her. Tara resists at first, but Pam commands her and teaches her to feed.

Bill and Jessica look for bugs in the mansion to find the source of the leak. Jessica asks if he's still king, and he tells her so. He finds a cigarette and she admits she had a party. She asks if he's going to see Sookie as she's had a rough couple of days. He warns her not to make a habit of rescuing her like he did. But Jessica thinks Sookie's falling apart, and it's different between her and Bill. He hugs her and tells her he's done well with her, then leaves.

Roman and Salome talk to Nora one last time. Nora accepts her death but Salome won't see her martyred. Roman doesn't see her as a leader and wants to know who recruited her. They threaten to kill Eric. Salome swears on the blood of Lilith to ensure their safety if she betrays who the true infidel is.

Sam gets a visit at Merlotte's from two of his shifter friends. They want him to come back and run with them. Sam shows up later to join them, but both have been shot in the head.

Roman addresses the Authority about his suspicions that another has betrayed them, while holding an elaborate stake made out of the Judas Tree. He's having their quarters searched. The guards return with a laptop belonging to Chancellor Drew which has a video of a human being tortured and fed on, and sent to known enemies of the Authority with a message of solidarity. Drew protests he was infiltrating them. Roman kills him and warns there will be no further rebellions.

Sookie gets a call from Lafayette who has found her car. He needs to talk to her but she assures him she's okay. Alcide shows up so she hangs up. He explains what he's done with the Pelts. She's grateful and offers him something to drink. Sookie and Alcide get drunk. They start making out, but Bill is watching from the window. Eric joins him and comments Sookie seems to be recovering nicely. Bill suggests Sookie could be useful in their search and this time they don't give her the choice.

Judge Clemens invites Andy to a party to celebrate his son's ticket being expunged. Andy and Jason get into a limo with Judge Clemens full of women and are taken to a meadow where one of the girls uses fairy magic to open a portal. They appear at an elaborate party. Jason is led off while Andy finds Morella and realizes seeing her wasn't a dream.

Jason finds his cousin Hadley. She's surprised to hear Sookie is alive and they need to go get her. She thinks Jason is a refugee from the vampires too, as this place is a safe house from the vampires. She warns the vampires will kill Sookie just like they did his parents. That comes as a shock, and the other girl sends Hadley away. Jason runs after but gets in a fight and both he and Andy are thrown out in the meadow. They get hit with a fairy blast.

The Verdict:
Pam and Eric have a great scene, and it's good to see the two reconcile. Now that Pam is a maker, her relationship with Tara shows a lot of promise. This is definitely one of my new favorite plotlines, and refreshing that Tara has an invigorating storyline. And, of course, more Bill and Jessica. So plenty of vampire sweetness this week.

While I do find the Authority stuff interesting, Salome looks to be the obvious traitor in the ranks, but it could all be a red herring just because it is so obvious. The Authority chancellors are all rather a weak set of characters compared to her and Roman, so Drew's loss wasn't a big deal. But vampire politics remains one of the more compelling plotlines.

I'm not sure what to think yet of the return of the fairies and how they're roping in Andy and Jason, though the twist regarding his parents is probably good for his character and gets him more intelligent storylines (no panthers ever again, please).

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