Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Walking Dead 100

Non Spoiler Review:
Issue 100 delivers a very dark and disturbing climax to the Something to Fear storyline. Negan's men prepare for an attack against Alexandria as Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Glen, Heath, Sophia and Carl head to the Hilltop to consult with the people about the threat. Everything goes wrong.

Kirkman delivers a chilling tale that feels uneasy from start to finish. What comes next is anyone's guess given the game has certainly changed, not only for all the survivors, but particularly for Rick who must come to terms with another catastrophic decision.

Spoilers Now!
Rick and crew head to the hilltop, unaware they're being watched and an attack on Alexandria is being planned in their absence. On the road the trip is taking longer than expected so they're forced to find a place to camp for the night.

While taking watch Rick is ambushed from behind by Negan's men and reinforcements that show up in a truck, including Negan himself.

Negan lectures his captives about their new reality, and proceeds to choose someone to make an example of, ultimately ending up on Glen. They're forced to watch while Negan beats Glen to death with a barbed wire bat. Rick vows to kill him, but Negan calls his bluff, and he can do nothing. Negan prepares to leave, advising them the life they knew is over, and they'll be coming for their first offering in a week.

The Verdict:
Glen's death really elicited a visceral reaction, much like Carl's shot to the head. It was such a brutal and disturbing end to the character, so in that respect, Kirkman certainly delivered a reality check. I should have known he was the one given such a focus on his future plans and dread about remaining in Alexandria. But that's the reality of this series, and it was driven home effectively.

Negan's appearance lived up to expectations. He measures up to his cultlike status, but we'll really need to see some further insights as to why he warrants loyalty from so many (especially given the bickering we saw in the opening scene between his men watching Alexandria). 

The whole issue was permeated with a sense of impending doom, and we didn't even get an attack yet on Alexandria, which will likely be its own blood bath. But is Negan aware that his men are planning a separate attack? One wonders given his plans to retrieve their first offering in a week, and he can't really do that if the town is destroyed.

Where does Walking Dead go next? Do we find our characters existing under a totalitarian society for some time to come?

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