Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 101

Non Spoiler Review:
Rick deals with the fallout from Glen's death as the survivors reach the Hilltop to face facts about the size of Negan's threat. Good-byes are said and time is taken to mourn. But amid all the despair, there's a ray of hope left in Alexandria.

Spoilers Now!
Negan and his men drive off, leaving Rick to bear the rage of Maggie, until Carl pulls a gun on her (!) and Sophia bites his arm. Calmer heads prevail and they realize they have to get back on the road.

At the Hilltop, Maggie is determined to stay and Sophia and Carl make amends and say their good-byes. Rick explains what happened to Gregory and Jesus. Gregory is more alarmed at the prospect that Negan might know he sent Rick after him, so Rick punches him.

Rick makes ready to leave, and Maggie feels like she's been welcomed into the new community, so says good-bye to the group, asking Rick to promise not to let Negan get away with what he's done.

Jesus returns with them, agreeing that information is the primary resource they need at the moment. But when the van returns they find the gates of Alexandria have been the site of a battle. Nicholas greets them and informs them they held off an attack of 50 of Negan's men. Andrea arrives, and has a surprise for Rick—a prisoner.

The Verdict:
While most of the issue dealt with the emotional fall out from Glen's death, the pleasant surprise was the situation in Alexandria, offering a small amount of hope to balance out the despair inflicted on most of the characters.

There were several great little moments—particularly Carl and Sophia's emotional arc ending in their farewell. Rick's rage was a tad misplaced, in my opinion, given it wasn't necessarily Gregory's fault for lacking information on Negan, but Rick's hubris that assumed the man didn't have a lot of followers. Chances are this lesson has been learned and he'll behave more logically in the future—we can hope.

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