Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 102

Non Spoiler Review:
Something to Fear Part 6 continues the fallout over Glen's death as Rick is briefed on what happened at home while he was on the road. That leads to much discussion about how to deal with Negan and plenty of soul searching for Rick as he comes to terms with his past (and future) decisions.

Things are quieting down after a couple of frenetic issues, and it looks like this storyline is preparing to wrap up and embark on what lies ahead given the choices made this month. I've been enjoying this arc for how it's changed the game for all the characters and the post-apocalyptic society as a whole. 

Spoilers Now!
Rick speaks to Andrea privately to fill her in on the huge threat Negan poses and his own errors in judgement underestimating them. He then does plenty of soul searching on how to proceed next, consulting Michonne on her thoughts of conceding to Negan's demands in the short term. She surprisingly agrees, and mentions her own culpability in angering the governor and bringing his wrath down on the prison. 

It's a tough sell for the community, as many want to fight (including Andrea and Carl), but Rick convinces everyone that backing down is the best choice, and he's not prepared to bring the wrath of Negan back down on their town.

But he does have other plans on the go—releasing the prisoner, Rick has Jesus follow him to scout out Negan's forces. Meanwhile, Eugene comes to Rick to explain what he and Abraham were up to. He wants to play a part in the eventual attack on Negan and wants the bullets he can make in their guns.

Rick takes all this under advisement. For the time being they will obey their new master, but long term plans are underway.

The Verdict:
Issue 102 wasn't too surprising in how it wrapped up. I couldn't see Rick bowing down completely without a plan. But he's matured a lot over this storyline with his god complex firmly beaten down by underestimating the enemy. That will serve everyone much better.

Kneeling to a superior military force is quite a novel approach. We don't see our heroes do that too often, so it presents plenty of great storytelling opportunities. How will Alexandria fair under Negan? I imagine it won't be pretty when they show up for their due. I'm happy to see more of Jesus, as well, as he looks to be a future major character with this group.

It's been ages since I read the governor storyline, but I can't recall Michonne being so up front about her responsibility in the governor's attack on the prison given she let him live. It was a nice bit to see her and Rick commiserate on their respective errors in judgement.

No zombies this month. Another indication that we've moved past the apocalypse into post-apocalypse territory, where the walkers are something to be managed while the main threat is the survivors themselves.

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