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Review: True Blood "The Sun"

Non Spoiler Review:
Eric risks capture to learn the truth of the governor's agenda, while Bill attempts to decipher his dreams of Lilith. Sookie meets a fellow fae as Jason gets a family history lesson from his travelling companion. Alcide and Martha pay a visit to Sam.

The Sun was an okay episode. It's refreshing to get back to some of the supernatural origins for the characters like we do this week, rather than the boring subplots of the Bellefleurs and others, and Rutger Hauer's revelation was a nice little surprise. 

There's still plenty of character problems to sort out—Alcide and Jason, to name a couple. Bill and Jessica remain the strong points of the show for me. 

Spoilers Now!
Jason confronts the mystery man on the side of the road, and he explains he's not Warlow, but his fairy grandfather, Niall. He tells Jason several things about his early life, convincing him he's genuine. Warlow is probably the oldest vampire still walking and Jason is no match for him. He needs to straighten up.

Tara is in agony. Eric and Nora arrive and realize the police have new weapons. He digs out the slug and finds it's a silver bullet that emits UV light. Nora reminds them the general said they were developing new weapons. Eric says they'll give them war. 

Jessica wakes up to Bill's screams. He can feel the pain of all the vampires and lapses into a vision where he's brought to see Lilith in the sun. She explains events have been set in motion—and Bill must complete her work. There is no god but god. He asks what he's supposed to do. Jessica wakes him up and has a human volunteer over for Bill to feed on. However the woman's body is completely taken over and emptied of blood without Bill touching her.

Arlene angrily calls Sookie that she has a shift at Merlotte's. Terry is alarmed when Patrick's wife walks in. She thinks Patrick ran off with another woman so they opt to go with that story. Some tourists from LA arrive looking for Sam. They know he's a shifter, but they want to start a dialogue between humans and supernatural creatures. Sam takes Nicole into his office and she explains she's a founder of the Vampire Unity Society. They want him to come out as a shifter because the government won't stop their war at vampires. 

On the way to work Sookie finds an injured man, Ben, in the bushes. She realizes he's half-fae and was injured by a vampire. She brings him back home to recover and after awhile he's ready to go on his way. She tells him there's a safe place for faeries and leads him to the meadow.

Jason returns home with his grandfather, who asks where Warlow tried to break through. He brings him up to the bathroom where Sookie first saw him. Niall jumps through the portal, leaving Jason behind. The he abruptly reappears, wet.

Andy takes his four girls out to the meadow calling for Mirella to take them, but gets no response.

Rereading the Book of Lilith, Nora realizes a passage has been mistranslated. Nora tells Pam that Eric never revealed her existence because that knowledge could have gotten Pam killed, and he's more proud of Pam than anyone.

Eric spies on the governor's mansion and intercepts a man with an appointment. The governor's daughter Willa escorts him in for his meeting with her father. Eric reveals he's a vampire and orders him to stop his persecution. He attempts to glamor him to love all vampires, but Burrell is unaffected and calls his guards. They've figured out the glamoring trick and have special contact lenses to protect them. He has him taken away to camp but Eric takes flight and makes his escape.

Sookie returns home to find Jason and an introduction to her grandfather. He reveals Warlow was already there sometime in the last day. Warlow has been obsessed with their family for thousands of years, as they are the original fae and he's king of their tribe. Warlow massacred their village, and Niall never saw him when he murdered his parents. He tracked him over the centuries until Claudene banished him to a dark realm the night he killed Sookie's parents. He reveals there's a secret in their bloodline—they can channel their light into a single ball of energy that will kill any vampire it touches. It's a last resort for Sookie, given she is only part fae and can only use it once before being fae nolonger. He tutors her on how to practice her light. 

Sam goes home where Lafayette is looking after Emma. Martha shows up looking for her and learns Luna is dead. Alcide explains Luna's actions mean the government will be looking for all of them. Alcide thinks it's best Emma comes with them given she's a werewolf. Sam forbids it and argues with the group. Martha grabs Emma and Sam and Alcide begin to fight, leaving Sam and Lafayette both unconscious. The Vampire Unity group are watching from the trees.

Willa is in her room and removes her contact lenses just as she gets a visit from Eric who glamors her to invite him in. 

Jessica has disposed of the body, then she says a prayer over Bill. Lilith tells Bill he will know what to do and trust what he sees. Bill wakes up and watches a news report of a vampire being dragged behind a truck. Jessica is relieved to find him awake, but both realize it's the vampire Bill saw before. He can see the future. Bill then has a vision of Jessica, Pam and Tara in a prison, being burnt in the sun. They're all going to burn, he says.

The Verdict:
The Sun was decent episode, and the fairy stuff surprisingly isn't as annoying and silly as it has been in the past. Ben is somewhat intriguing, but obviously a potential love interest for Sookie. I'm impressed more with Niall's character so far, but they seem to have left the big opening of freeing Sookie of her supernatural nature by using up all her power in one blast (to probably kill Warlow). While I'm pleased to learn Niall isn't Warlow, I'm not entirely sure we can trust him just yet.

We certainly can't trust Burrell, whose true agenda is apparent now. The novelty vampire weapons are a nice touch, and it's interesting to see the humans actually taking the offensive and winning against what has always been perceived as a stronger enemy.

Alcide and Rikki continue to act completely out of character, which is tough to get passed. I just can't see him treating Sam and Lafayette that way, unless becoming pack leader gives him a big dose of werewolf hormones to turn him into a complete ass.

I'm not sure yet what to make of the Vampire Unity Group, except that they'll likely bring a host of trouble on everyone rather than solving anything. 

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