Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: True Blood "Hide and Seek"

Non Spoiler Review:
Eric grabs a bargaining chip in his fight against the governor. Bill makes a terrible error interpreting Lilith's messages, but gets a few ideas how he might save everyone. Niall stumbles upon a new ally.

Hide and Seek didn't offer anything that much new and exciting as the season gets underway. There's still plenty of running around without any apparent direction. In particular, the Eric, Pam, Tara, Nora constant bickering has grown tiresome already, the angry werewolf plot is spinning in circles, and, as usual, I'm enjoying the Bill and Jessica scenes more than anything. There is a glimmer of hope of the season's direction by the end of it, and an innovative idea from Bill.

Spoilers Now!
Willa is a vampire sympathizer and fills Eric in on her father's plans—he's created a concentration camp for their vampire prisoners. Eric realizes she's their only bargaining chip and takes her with them as they go on the run and leave Fangtasia behind, apparently forever, despite a heated argument with Tara and Pam over their plans. They take refuge at Ginger's where he calls the governor to inform him he has his daughter. The governor successfully traces the call and Eric prepares to flee, only to find Tara has made off with Willa.

Reverend Newlin is now a prisoner of Burrell's camp, and has a reunion with wife Sarah who is pleased to find him in his current condition. She's also discovered politics is more of a means to her end.

Niall investigates the fairy club in the woods, only to find it's been massacred by Warlow, who appears to exhibit some startling abilities he hadn't anticipated. Leaving, he runs into Ben, who recognizes him as the fairy leader and offers to join his army. They return back to Sookie's, who is surprised to see Ben again. When Niall senses something outside, he finds Nora instead and takes off after her. Jason, meanwhile, is acting much saner and tells Sookie the strange things the ghosts of their parents told him.

The police come to Martha's looking for Emma. Alcide and Rikki stall until Martha comes out. Rikki then threatens Emma to the breaking point so she shifts into a wolf, and when the police come inside they're fooled (despite the puppy wearing clothes).

Nicole and her friends show up at the werewolf camp with their message of coexistence, only to instigate a massacre as everyone shifts and takes them down one by one. Nicole escapes into the woods, wounded. Meanwhile, Sam has been watching the situation as an owl and takes the opportunity to run off with Emma, but realizes he has to help out Nicole.

Bill thinks Lilith's plan for him is to walk in the sun, only to be horribly mistaken. After he recovers from his wounds he sends Jessica to retrieve the Japanese scientist responsible for True Blood. He then goes to see Sookie to ask a big favor. She won't invite him in, but he is able to come in anyway, immobilizes Jason, and asks her for a sample of her blood in the hopes that they can make a synthetic version. She absolutely refuses, and he tells her she's dead to him.

On the way home Bill is stopped by Andy, who warns him of the curfew, but also fills him in on his daughters. Bill can detect the fairy scent on their teddy bear and suddenly has a new idea.

The Verdict:
A mediocre episode, Hide and Seek did reveal an innovative aspect to Bill's plan to try to synthesize fairy blood, which is one of the more logical moves on the series so far. And that suddenly brings Andy's annoying family to the forefront.

The werewolf plot isn't living up to my expectations yet, and as I've mentioned every week, Rikki in particular appears to be drastically out of character from what we saw of her last season. Even Alcide is meaner and crazier. It's just not making any sense.

Niall is growing on me, too, and it was nice to see a saner acting Jason, some promise that there's an explanation for his odd behaviour, and leads to a mystery of who and what might be the apparitions he's seeing as his parents. It's unfortunate that he's missed out on the fairy bloodline, because that would add a little bit to his struggling character right now much more than his werepanther plot ever did.

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