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Review: True Blood "In The Evening"

Non Spoiler Review:
In the Evening deals with the fallout from Terry's death as Sookie returns home to console her friends. Bill seeks help in his attempt to prevent his visions from coming to pass, finding an ally in Eric desperate to save Nora. Sam and Nicole part ways. Within the vampire camp Jason moves to save Jessica.

Another good one, In the Evening continues to accelerate developments with the Hep V and it looks like that whole plotline is reaching its climax soon. Eric and Bill working together is always fun, as well as Sookie returning to the real world to help out her friends. Alcide...well, the werewolf storyline looks like it's come full circle, unless it yields a surprise, which is doubtful.

Spoilers Now!
Eric sends Willa back in to find Pam and advise them of the True Blood contamination while he takes off with Nora. Their escape is discovered and as the facility goes on lockdown Jason is sent to general population. Eric and Nora hide beneath one of the True Blood trucks and drive out.

Willa advises Pam of the Hep V situation. Pam wants Tara and Jessica in on the scoop, but tells her to keep it to themselves given the humans mustn't suspect they're on to them. She sends Willa back into gen pop .

Eric arrives at Bill's mansion with Nora, begging him to heal her if he can. Nora refuses to take Lilith's blood and Bill will honor her dying wish despite Eric's protests. He leaves them alone.

Sarah arrives at the governor's mansion to find the house open and Burrell's head at the foot of his statue. She vows his death won't be in vain. She calls in the state senator to tell him they're very close to bringing their ultimate goal to light. She needs his help to keep the governor's death a secret and announce he is in a safe location while the senator covers for him in the legislature. Sarah will assume control of the facility. The Hep V will not take long to spread. 

Warlow and Sookie wake up in the daylight. She warns him he shouldn't get ahead of himself thinking they're going to get married. Sookie hears Arlene's voice from the cemetery crying over Terry and realizes something terrible has happened. She appears back in the real world and goes to her side to console her. Arlene doesn't know who shot him, but explains what she did. She takes Arlene home to Holly to tell the kids. Lafayette, Sookie and Holly decide to check out Terry's safety deposit box. What they find is a letter to Arlene that holds a life insurance policy issued three days before. They realize he knew it was coming and had it all planned. 

Lafayette and Sookie return to Arlene's only to find her drunk. Sookie reads Adeline's mind and the two of them communicate. Holly's boys show up, as does Bill, walking in the daylight. Andy goes ballistic but Bill tells Arlene how sorry he is for her loss. He then addresses Andy that he's very sorry for his loss, as well. As a father they are both bound to protect their children, and wishes him the best, taking his hand. Bill speaks to Sookie, asking her for Warlow in order to save his progeny. He reminds her Tara is in jeopardy in the death camp and asks her to put her anger with him aside. 

Sam checks in with Lafayette, only to learn Terry's dead. He tells Nicole to go home to her mother as he's returning to Bontemps despite Alcide's warning. She decides to join him in the shower instead. Her mother later arrives and Nicole says her goodbyes to Sam, promising to keep the truth secret and to call her if he needs anything. 

Jessica is brought in to see Jason who explains he's getting her out of there. She's resigned to her own fate, though, but does want to thank vampire James for being so nice to her. Jason brings him in and she asks him for some privacy. She wants to know how James could have been so selfless. He explains he believes vampires choose to forfeit their souls and he made a different choice. She tells James they're all going to die in there and they're putting Hep V in the True Blood and not to drink it. Jessica wants him to make love to her as she's never been with a vampire, never mind one with such humanity.

Alcide drops his father off at home. He tells Alcide the pack life isn't for them and one day he'll realize it. Alcide returns to the pack and announces Sam and Nicole are dead. Rikki tells him he's lying and has Nicole and her mother brought out. 

Eric confronts Bill and promises to do anything he asks if he saves Nora. He believes in him. Bill explains the visions he's been having, and the one that has yet to come true—the death of Pam, Jessica, Tara and Eric. He needs to get Warlow so they can take him with them so they can stop it. Eric vows to go back with him if he helps Nora. Bill does so, getting her to feed from him. Nora doesn't feel any different so Eric thinks Warlow's blood might work. Nora tells him it won't be able to heal her. 

Pam is brought into her psychiatrist for her session. She proceeds to seduce him on the condition she gets back into general population.

Sarah finds Jason outside the door, telling him the governor is dead so any leverage he had is gone. She has him taken away and thrown in the female general population, cutting his wrist so the vampires smell his blood. Tara tells them to back off. But another vampire declares he's hers. 

Eric prays to Godric as Nora begins to succumb. A flashback to 1665 reveals Eric was asked to find the Lady Gainsborough (who enjoys the company of the king) from plague infested London. Eric tracks her down but not before she's already afflicted. Eric promises to take her somewhere more peaceful but she doesn't want to die in his presence. Instead he took her to Godric, who made her a vampire. In the present, Nora tells Eric to let the others walk beside him. She dies in his arms.

The Verdict:
In the Evening was another strong one, though the flashback at the end seemed a bit overdrawn and unnecessary given Nora was already on the verge of death. Nice to see Eric and Bill working together again, and it looks like Bill's vision of the sun room could actually unfold with all of them enjoying Warlow's sun-tolerant blood.

If Alcide's arc all this time has been to get him pushed out of the pack, then it's been a ridiculous waste of screen time to go through the endurance test of having his character immerse himself within werewolf society for nothing. So I have no idea what the writers are planning for him, but it would be nice to see Alcide get some direction to his life. He's been wasted for two seasons.

Andy took Bill's apology a bit too easy. Unless he's secretly planning to strike back at Bill it didn't ring very true at all. Their reactions to Bill walking in sunlight were fun, though.

Sarah doesn't have the chops to be the new big bad, so I think she'll likely be dispatched when everything goes down in the facility. Hopefully that will allow the writers to clean house of a lot of annoying characters like the Newlins. 

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