Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: The Walking Dead 112

Non Spoiler Review:
Rick and company return to town to a few surprises. When it looks like the opportunity to act is at hand, Rick may have misjudged the situation.

Issue 112 was fast-paced, providing some tense moments and accelerating the story quite a bit this month. The result wasn't entirely unexpected given the scope of the Negan problem, but it will definitely make things interesting next issue.

Spoilers Now!
While Negan makes himself home playing pool at Spencer's former abode, Rick returns to find the gates unopened. He gets the news from Olivia what's happened and confronts Negan about murdering Spencer.

Negan just wants a thank you, reiterating how calm he has been with Rick despite his son killing his men, and now saving him from a traitor in his midst. To show his good nature he refuses any offering, but Rick insists he take half like they arranged.

While Negan loads up, Rick rushes to get Andrea to the tower, realizing they might not get an opportunity to take out Negan again. As everyone scrambles into position, Negan's truck leaves the town, only to see he's being charged by Rick. The driver and a couple of other men are shot, leaving Negan to face Rick. Rick pulls out his gun to end him, only to have it shot out of his hand. The rest of his people are disarmed by gunfire, and Negan gleefully chides Rick for being so foolish to think he wouldn't be prepared. The reason it sometimes takes so long for him to arrive is because he has a host of armed men taking up positions throughout the area, just as he has now. And Rick needs to realize how screwed he is.

The Verdict:
Well, I would have been considerably shocked had Rick put a bullet in Negan's head. Instead we get confirmation that his adversary is a little more intelligent than he gives him credit, and all along the bulk of his forces have remained mostly hidden. Whether this information will actually get out to Jesus and Ezekiel given the tense stand off we're left with remains to be seen.

This was a pretty linear issue and moved briskly, so there's not much else to discuss. Negan still appears to have his code of conduct in place. Whether that will help Rick at this point, I don't know. It seems there's going to have to be some sacrifice next month in order for the rest of the community to get out of this situation.

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