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Review: True Blood "Dead Meat"

Non Spoiler Review:
Dead Meat resolves Alcide's pack struggles and brings some surprising news for Sam. Arlene prepares for Terry's funeral. Bill attempts to get both Eric and Sookie in line for his plan to save vampire kind.

True Blood is hitting a bit of a stride right now because the last few episodes' quality has remained relatively high. Not the highs of season two by any means, but generally exciting and full of interesting new developments.

The big change is that all the annoying little subplots have been eliminated—Terry, the fairy kids, and now Alcide appears to be rid of his baggage. It wasn't all perfection—Jason seems drawn into an odd side story with new vampire Violet that has come out of nowhere.

Spoilers Now!
An angry Eric challenges Bill he should have known Nora was going to die and accuses him of still being in love with Sookie. Bill insults Godric and orders him out of his house. 

Alcide demands Rikki release the women but she openly challenges his authority. Rikki doubts Alcide can fight her to the death. He accepts the challenge and serves up a beating, but can't bring himself to kill her.

Vampire Violet takes Jason under her protection. He explains he has a history with Sarah. She tells him that he is hers and she'll feed off him as she sees fit.

Sookie returns to Warlow and asks the favor for Bill, promising to ensure his safety. In exchange he wants her to be his forever. She needs some time to consider it, so returns to the real world where Eric watches her depart the cemetery.

James and Jessica enjoy one another's company. The guards finally arrive to take them back to their cells, but Jessica encounters Pam on the way. Back in general population, she watches the guards hand out True Blood. Newlin joins James and introduces himself. James advises him not to drink the supply that's being passed around to all the vampires.

Back at Merlotte's Sam cleans out Terry's locker and runs into Alcide outside. Alcide confesses his pack days are behind him but explains the women are in his trailer after he freed them from Rikki. Sam apologizes to them for what they've been through. When Sam embraces Nicole he smells something on her. He joins Alcide at Merlotte's to share a drink. Alcide says he caught Sam's scent as well on her...that Nicole is carrying his child. 

Tara, Willa and Jessica convince Pam to attempt to get Violet to share Jason, but she refuses. 

With Arlene feeling better, Lafayette explains the life insurance policy he and Sookie found from Terry. Two million dollars worth, and just four days before. Holly's boys take Adeline out for some fun.

Sookie visits Bill's mansion and negotiates the terms for turning over Warlow. Bill wants him to feed all the vampires in the white room his blood, and vows no harm will come to him as he still needs to synthesize it. She explains Warlow wants to turn her and has given her an ultimatum that she agrees to be his vampire bride. Bill doesn't care to listen and thinks it's a fair exchange for what he's doing for them. Sookie storms off.

Sarah arrives at the facility and is advised some vampires are not drinking the True Blood. She grills her exhusband for information and he finally confesses they know it has Hep V in it and gives up James. He and James are brought into the circular room. 

Sam asks Nicole to stay because he loves her so she agrees. Sookie interrupts and confides in him that she could give up her fairy powers if she chose to exhaust them, and her life with vampires would be behind her. Part of her always thought the two of them would wind up together. Sam is exasperated that she suddenly decided to take him up on his desire for her now that Nicole is pregnant. Sookie leaves him alone.

Arlene freaks out on Terry's family for wanting full military honors at his funeral, declaring it's all a lie. Arlene doesn't want to take the money either and thinks she knows who killed Terry. Andy warns her that if she does that the only one who will win is the insurance company.

Sookie's anger at her mother and father solidifies her decision to go through with Warlow's offer rather than spend eternity with her parents.

The True Blood executive arrives at the facility upset and demanding to speak with Burrell. Sarah intercepts her. She demands to know what the facility is being used for and forces her way past her, discovering the contamination of her product. When she tries to call the FDA Sarah tries to kill her. She flees into the experimentation area and Sarah catches up. Above the male prison section, Sarah beats her to death and the men feed on her blood. 

At the cemetery Adeline is messing around with one of Holly's boys when Eric finds them and needs to borrow her. Eric glamors the two boys and then goes after Adeline and feeds off her. 

Pam, Willa, Jessica and Tara are brought into the circular room with Newlin and James. Jessica realizes Bill's vision is about to come to pass.

Andy finds Adeline running down the road. He sees a vampire has fed on her. 

Sookie tries to call Jason to tell him about Terry and wonders where Niall is. She then calls Bill to tell him to pick her up in an hour, gets ready and brings him to the cemetery. She tells him she's not fighting destiny anymore and takes him to Warlow, only to find him drained and still bound to the tree. Bill realizes it was Eric.

The Verdict:
Someone on the writing staff at True Blood doesn't care about werewolves. That whole mess has been a waste of time just to get Alcide back to sitting with Sam and sharing a drink. But at least that happened. I'm surprised Nicole is pregnant, because I was sure she was going to become a werewolf given her wound. I don't have any affection for the character yet, given how quickly Luna was ushered off the show, and for what reason? It was also a nice twist to have Sookie confess her attraction to Sam as her last hope for a normal life (though he is a shifter), before making her decision.

I hope James sticks around and survives this. What I don't get is Violet. The way she was introduced I felt I should know who she is, but she's just come out of nowhere and doesn't fit the situation at all.

Finally, I'm enjoying Bill's aloofness, but I don't think he's going to tolerate Eric's rebellion at all. Is Warlow dead? I hope not! As intriguing as the possibility is, I don't think the show will take Sookie down the vampire path.

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