Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: True Blood "Life Matters"

Non Spoiler Review:
The internment camp storyline comes to an end as Eric and Bill both converge on the facility. Meanwhile, Sookie returns to the real world as Bon Temps gathers for Terry's funeral.

Life Matters was a decent wrap up to a lot of the season's story, if not particularly surprising in any way. Terry's funeral took up a huge amount of the episode and was quite self-indulgent, but long term fans will definitely enjoy the send off for the character. It wasn't memorable by any means, and everything pretty much flowed as any viewer might predict, leaving the final episode to hopefully rescue a mundane season.

Spoilers Now!
Sookie bites her arm to feed and rejuvenate Warlow while impatient Bill wants to usher him off to save the vampires. Sookie warns him Eric has more of Warlow's blood in him than he does. Warlow tells Sookie to use her powers, so she fires Bill back into the real world. 

Warlow slowly recovers but Sookie wants to get on to Terry's funeral. He asks if she's still prepared to be his, and she vows to honor her promise. He sends her on her way but she wonders if he's okay.

Arlene arrives at Terry's military funeral and Sookie joins them. She's surprised to find Alcide there. Andy delivers one of the eulogies and flashbacks to Terry's troubled times isolating himself in the woods after he returned from Iraq. He brings Sam to meet him and get him a job at Merlotte's. Sookie ends the eulogies by revealing she read Terry's mind the first time he saw Arlene and he always loved her.

Eric arrives at the facility and proceeds to massacre the guards and kills the scientist responsible for the Hep V, then into male general population to set them free. Bill comes upon the trail of carcasses and the ensuing bloodbath as the vampires run rampant and torture the surviving scientists. 

Eric enters the female section and frees them. Jason is left there to Eric's surprise. Jason explains the guards took all the others away. Eric heals him so he can aid in finding his way around the camp. Eric finds the psychiatrist and tells him he forgot to ask him something—how he was going to die. The psychiatrist explains he'll die happy given he had sex with his progeny. Eric rips out his contacts and glamors him to tell the truth, so he explains everything about Pam's deal. Eric brings him with them and finds Ginger along the way.

Sarah has hidden under the bodies and makes her escape to the top of the building to open the sun room door. When it opens it's Bill lying among them, and all of them are feeding on his blood. Newlin gets pushed to the back. Jason and Eric arrive into the adjacent room and watch, and Eric grabs Newlin to have his revenge on him. Sarah stares down at the scene and watches Eric hold him in the sun as he professes his love for Jason. 

Eric is reunited with Pam and tells her the therapist is hers. She kills him. High on the fairy blood, the rest of the vampires bask in the sunlight for the first time. Jason realizes Sarah is still at large. Violet holds Bill in her arms and leaves him on the floor as he sees Lilith appear to him. They tell him his time on earth is over, but Bill says he's not going anywhere. 

Jason runs down Sarah, and as she warns him he'll damn himself he nearly shoots her in the head, but stops because he doesn't want anymore blood on his hands and tells her to leave. She drives off. 

The rest of the vampires destroy the True Blood stockpiles (except for a van in Honolulu which is robbed of its True Blood contents). Jessica hears her maker and she and James return to his side. Bill tells her Lilith is coming for him, so James feeds him. 

James and Jessica emerge with Bill who is hailed as their saviour. Violet finds Jason and tells him he feeds only her. Pam looks for Eric and sees him standing alone. She tells him not to leave her but he flies off.

The Verdict:
A decent wrap up for this storyline, Life Matters didn't bring any surprises. The threat to Bill's mortality was short-lived and brushed off in the final scene as he emerged safe and sound

Terry's funeral was a nice moment for fans, and quite indulgent. The flashback scenes slowed everything down quite a bit, and would have worked better earlier in the series. And here is Alcide, back to square one with his character, as if the entire last two seasons never happened (we wish).

The Honolulu scene shows that the Hep V threat is assured to be around for awhile. While I'm not happy to see Sarah live to fight another day, it was at least satisfying to say good-bye to Newlin's character.

One wonders if Warlow's hybrid blood means permanent daywalking for the vampires? Unlikely, given so many of them are background characters. But that probably means an unsuspecting return to regular darkness hours sometime next week.

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