Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: The Walking Dead 113

Non Spoiler Review:
Issue 113 is a short but tense chapter in the ongoing battle with Negan. The face-off in Alexandria spirals out of control as Andrea fights for her life in the church tower and Rick is put back into a similar situation that led to Glen's death. 

This was a quick read, but one of the more effective issues in awhile. Events have moved passed the point of no return and I'm left wondering how (or if) Rick can get all his people out of this one.

Spoilers Now!
Jesus finds Negan's outpost empty, realizing that his men must have gone somewhere.

One of Negan's men finds Andrea in the church tower and proceeds to beat her up. Negan, meanwhile, gloats to Rick that his sniper has been found and is as good as dead, but nearly dies as a bullet clips Lucille but misses him. It's Carl behind the fence and an enraged Negan demands he be thrown over or he'll kill their people. Rick tackles him but is pulled off. Those behind the fence ignore Negan's demands.

Negan manages to calm himself and tells Rick his son has done something inexcusable. Without Carl to punish, he will kill Rick's men first, and then his people will give up the boy, as they won't be able to let him murder Rick. 

Andrea is beaten up and nearly tossed out of the tower. In town Rick tries futilely to negotiate, but he and Negan see a body fall out the window. Rick is horrified while a pleased Negan lines up his captives in preparation to execute them. In the tower Andrea drags herself back up to the window, muttering to herself that she and Rick don't die.

The Verdict:
Issue 113 was a great ride, made even more tense with the question of Andrea's fate given the death of the character on the television series. I was much relieved to see her pull herself up and hope she can grab a gun by next month. Will she manage to kill Negan? Unlikely at this point in the storyline, but a dramatic rescue is needed to get this situation under control.

Hurray for more Carl craziness. Too bad he isn't as good a shot as Andrea. 

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