Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: The Event "Casualties of War"

Non Spoiler Review:
Events with Leila finally come to a head as Sean actually listens to his voicemail message this week. Meanwhile, Martinez is faced with negotiating with Thomas in order to save the lives of the passengers, which brings him into conflict with Sterling.

Another hour of brinkmanship with very little revealed here, aside from a flashback that reveals the aliens' influence in the 40s. Sophia continues to grow less likable as she refuses to cooperate at all with Martinez and totally ruining their friendship. Yawn.

Oh. Sean finally gets to carry a gun!

Spoilers Now!
The government is getting very frustrated with the dead-alive passengers. Thomas contacts the president to gloat that he can do that to a whole city if he wants, so he just better listen to him and release all the detainees. Sterling fears Martinez is going to waver, and the president goes to see Sophia again to lay on the guilt trip.

Sean finally gets a new cord to his iPhone and listens to his voicemail. OMG! It's Leila telling him to come pick her up. So he and Scully high tail it to the sheriff's office.

Martinez grows a pair and decides to kill all the detainees if the passengers don't get the antidote from Thomas. Fortunately, just such a contingency was built into the Alaskan installation floor plans, just in case they needed to kill everyone in the building at once. 

Sophia has met with Lee yet again and ordered him to shut down Thomas as he's turned Sarah Palin and gone rogue, so Lee tracks him down and drop punches him and tells him to smarten up or else.

That triggers a flashback to the 40s, when, after finding shelter in Alaska, Thomas abandoned the rest of the survivors and went off on his own, where years later he got a job with the Manhattan Project and invented nuclear power (!). Lee tracked him down and complains that the humans are going to use that discovery for nefarious things like atomic bombs, but Thomas doesn't care because they're all dead anyway, and he just needs it for their own purposes. Hmm. Lee is not impressed with this attitude.

Martinez has to cope with his weighty decision, which is not made easy by his pissy wife deciding to get all bitchy about him killing all the detainees. She storms off to take their son to school. Fortunately, Thomas backs down and everyone is happy. Why Martinez wouldn't just kill one of the detainees so he would have a lot left to negotiate with, I don't know. But in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.

Sean and Scully are staking out the police department and Sean just wants to have a gun. Leila has figured out that the cops are not legit, so tries to sneak out the bathroom. Vicky and D.B. Sweeney have arrived, though, so things get bad really fast. Sean calls Vicky and messages her her son's photo, telling her to let Leila get out alive or the boy's picture goes viral. Vicky agrees, and when Sean comes in by himself, Vicky turns on her own men and helps kill them, letting both of them go. For the first time Sean and Leila are actually free. And Scully has captured and wounded D.B. Sweeney.

What Thomas did get out of the deal was Sophia's release, so we see her escorted off to a train at the end of the episode.

This show just keeps losing all sense of logic. I guess it can become one of those fun shows where we just enjoy all the crazy shit happening and not think about it too much. But honestly, I have lost track of what state Sean is in anymore. At least he has Leila back, so that might possibly mean we will not focus on those two so much. But somehow I doubt that.

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