Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: The Walking Dead 78

Non Spoiler Review:
The build-up to what we've been expecting kinda, sorta happens, but with the usual twist. A lot of odds and ends occur in their issue, but for some reason it really seems to jump around a lot, as if panels are missing and the writer just wants to catch the story up to a certain point. Perhaps this ultimately is just a filler issue to get events to the level they're supposed to be for what is eventually coming—and we know exactly what that is by the end. A decent installment that focuses more on plot than character, but this does feel like it was lacking a little polish. 

Spoilers Now!
Apparently we are having a funeral for all three dead characters now, and we jump to that after Rick tries to calm everyone down after the night of drama, including Pete's wife. Everyone gives a bit of a eulogy, and even Rick reflects on the decent man Pete must have been before the apocalypse, but that is all derailed when events outside come to a head...

The hooligans have found the town and brazenly arrive at the gates demanding to be let in. Rick goes to meet them, but realizes they could be in for a battle and his own life may ultimately be at stake as they have him in their sights if he doesn't open the gates for them. 

But...despite what the cover may suggest, Andrea is still on the job, and she shoots their sniper, but even that doesn't turn away these determined bad guys. Rick realizes there will be no negotiating with these them. But the town has superior numbers and firepower and the bad guys are pretty much massacred.

In the aftermath, though, it's Douglas who suffers, feeling ineffective through the course of all this drama. It was Rick who had them prepared for such an event, and Rick who had solved all these problems. Douglas walks off, pretty much turning power over to Rick.

The real point of this story is shown in the panels mixed in with the gunfights, which get the notice of all the zombies in earshot. Can a gigantic zombie horde be far off?

I really have nothing more to say on this issue, other than it did seem to bridge a gap with what is coming. The bad guys had to show up and get taken care of, and that's what happened. The situation in the town is firmly established now, so it will be nice to move this storyline in a different direction now that we've had multiple issues to ground everyone in this new, secure environment. After so many zombieless issues, I get the sense we'll be seeing more than ever next issue.

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