Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: The Event "Your World to Take"

Non Spoiler Review:
The aliens have a convention and Sophia has to hand out loads of slap to keep everyone in line. Vice President Jarvis is unconscious for most of the episode. Leila and Sean continue to investigate the missing girls, putting a poor family in jeopardy.

Your World to Take continues the trend of filler episodes that reveals nothing new, aside from the horrible mother/son dynamic between Sophia and Thomas.

Spoilers Now!
Sophia is back and happy to see everyone after 60 years. And we mean everyone, as the aliens are apparently having a convention right in Washington D.C. Except a small cadre of top leaders have an issue with Sophia's return, among them Thomas, and another Isabel, who is his girlfriend. A lot of them don't want to return home anymore and are quite happy to stay on Earth and live their lives. The detainees could have escaped at any time, apparently, but Sophia chose not to in order to help those in hiding with their mission to return them home.

Sophia will have none of this staying here business. They have their own version of the prime directive not to interfere (I guess giving a civilization atomic power doesn't count). So she lays down the law that they will be leaving as soon as they can.

Except Isabel and Thomas conspire behind her back to take Sophia out of the picture. This is difficult for Thomas, as he has no backbone whatsoever and is guided only by the more powerful women in his life, including Isabel. She instructs him to kill his mother when they go to retrieve a mysterious portal component that is still viable after all these years. Sophia comments on Thomas' weakness throughout their travels together, admonishing him for spending his time building a financial empire.

As expected, Thomas is weak and can't bring himself to kill his mother, and gives up Isabel. Sophia then goes to see her never to be daughter-in-law. Sophia gives her an option of being shunned from her people forever, or shoot herself in the knee as a show of loyalty. She does the latter, proving Sophia is a bad ass when she wants to be.

Meanwhile, Jarvis is unconscious in the hospital, and it takes Martinez and Sterling the whole episode to get there by the time he wakes up. But his wife warns him not to jeopardize their family, so we don't know how this will play out and if he'll give up Dempsey or not.

Finally, Sean and Leila are having sex, so Sean must be completely recovered from his back alley surgery and gunshot wound hours before, and suffering no ill or side effects from infection, pain killers, etc. He's also still in contact with agent Scully who isn't holding a grudge for ditching her and is happy to help out and let him investigate things on his own (She's obviously learned she's much safer behind a desk than with Leila and Sean). Investigating the unsolved cases of missing children, she points them in the direction of a girl who recently escaped her kidnappers. So they track her down.

The family is understandably reluctant to talk, given their daughter escaped with her life (and looks like an old Hobbit), but Leila begs them and then the girl recognizes the name of her sister, and says she hadn't been altered yet like the others when she last saw her. But the father threatens to call the police if they don't leave.

That's not enough for Sean and Leila, who follow the family to a remote gas station and Leila harasses them in the bathroom, learning that the hospital they were held at was near a water tower, and the medication had a triangle logo on it. A man named Berke comes to kill them and a cornfield chase ensues, in which Sean manages to knock out/kill the guy. The little girl and her mother flee off through the corn, happy to be free of Leila and Sean. The dynamic duo go through the man's papers and learn that he was actually after Leila. Oh noes!

Another ho-hum instalment of The Event. So much of the episode could have been compressed in half the time, but extended travel time was added to every character's arc to get to the appropriate plot device. Do the writers not have enough story to fill an entire season? Perhaps they could have done better with a shorter episode order.

On a positive note, there were very few flashbacks.

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