Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: The Event "I Know Who You Are"

Non Spoiler Review:
Sophia is reunited with some of her people and settles the power struggle with Thomas, while Sterling reminisces about why he finds it hard to trust people, while in the present tracking down their suspicious mole. Sean, Leila and new BFF Madeline try to figure out daddy Michael's crazy folder of secrets, and meet up with an even more paranoid ally to help them out. Hal Holbrook shows up to make some phone calls and prune some flowers.

Another non-event. More running. A lot of waiting at hospitals. Sound familiar? It should. This is The Event. Nothing much is revealed this episode, aside from a few lines of dialogue between Sophia and Thomas that pretty much states the obvious. Sterling's character was the focus this time around, but his backstory remains a bit cliched. After a brief hiatus, I expected something more. Just another run-of-the-mill episode.

Spoilers Now!
Because the agents tracking Sophia are currently missing due to the building collapse, no one knows yet that Lee is the informant, but Sterling reluctantly admits to Martinez they've been infiltrated. Martinez demands he find the mole, so Sterling goes to wait by Lee's bedside, who has been brought in, unconscious, from the site. This allows Sterling some time to muse about why he doesn't trust anyone.

Sterling has a flashback to fourteen years earlier, when he's enjoying time with his new girl and his mean dad calls him up to come in for an important meeting. It's obvious his father is not someone he says no to. He shows his son evidence that she's a Russian intelligence operative. Sterling is horrified, and has to go home to take care of this messy bit of business. When he sees her, he admits that he knows everything, but he also professes his love for her and has bought them two tickets to leave that night to disappear. But she runs the moment she gets the chance, and he watches in horror as his father shoots her. His father tells him to take the gun so they think he handled it himself. So Blake takes the gun to keep his career. Sigh. The drama that is the life of a shady government operative.

Agent Murphy (the guy Lee shoved into the trunk) is found and gives up Lee. Sterling puts together all the inconsistencies in Lee's record including the old Come to think of it, he hasn't aged a day! problem, and they find the radioactive container at the coffee shop that had the isotope in it. So they start a blood test to see if he's an alien.

Sophia and Thomas meet up with another compatriot, Aaron, and make their escape, ending up at Thomas' penthouse. They've been able to make a fortune in investments, as their amazing crazy math allows them to predict the economy. She slaps Thomas for destroying all the trust she'd built and demands he respect her auth-or-i-tay. Why, she's acting like a crazy, domineering mother—"Sorry, mother," Thomas acquiesces.

Meanwhile, Leila's being a complete bitch, with a gun trained on Madeline. They piece together that the plane was hijacked because the president was going to reveal alien existence to the world. Michael's file is the best and only lead they have. We know this because Sean says it with emphasis. Madeline looks in the file and there's a list of girls' names and numbers in Michael's notebook...which Sean can crack if he has enough computer power, because he can crack any code with the amazing power of computers and his puppy dog eyes.

Madeline brings them to Peter, a fellow paranoid conspiracy theorist (times ten!), but one with encrypted software. He refuses to let them in until Leila pulls a Princess Leia and tells him "You're our only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi." Hey, it works. Peter knows right away the government has Michael, as he still has connections, but should just consider her sister is dead and move on. Leila is upset by this.

Peter lets Sean use his miracle computer powers to create certain protocols that take awhile to run, allowing Leila and Sean some alone time. They stare into one another's eyes and mutter irrelevancies with no bearing on the plot. Leila might have asked, " did you get from the cruise to the airport? How did you find out my dad was the pilot? How did you find out they were going to try to assassinate the president?" But she doesn't.

She does, however, have a strange flashback/vision of her mother getting killed and Samantha kidnapped. Is this the writers just taking liberties with her imagination, or is she actually seeing this? Shall I go out on a limb and suggest Leila is going to emerge with additional special abilities other than high maintenance bitch?

We see famous character actor Hal Holbrook pruning flowers (a hint, given horticulture is a sure sign of maniacal villainy). He gets a call from D.B. Sweeney (who must be with his lawyer), and fills him in on Sean and Leila getting away. Hal is not too pleased, but he's able to track them through a traced call to Peter's house. 

Back at the hideout, we find out the women on the list are all girls missing in the last six months, and the numbers next to their name are shell corporations in L.A. Then the cameras pick up intruders, and it's Hal Holbrook's men. Peter, Madeline, Leila and Sean flee. Peter, thinking ahead, had his house wired to blow up, so they get away. but Madeline and Peter disappear in the commotion as well. Leila's being a whiny bitch and just doesn't want to run anymore, so they just walk very fast and Sean has to calm her with the power of his love.

Thomas shows up at the hospital where Lee is and happens to get into the same elevator as Sterling to make some small talk before switching Lee's blood test in the lab. Lee awakens to Sterling staring at him. Sterling tells him his blood test came back as human. And Murphy is the mole, implicated by prints on the container! Aaron and Thomas have done a good job cleaning up the crime scene and implicating poor Murphy. Sterling is relieved he doesn't have to shoot Lee. Murphy is arrested.

Thomas reports back to Sophia, who doesn't have a problem with blame being placed elsewhere. So she decides to start asking relevant questions now. How far along are they in getting everyone home? The nuclear research has progressed enough to create a portal, but not advanced enough to transport everyone all the way, missing a few key components they can recover with her help, those components being from nuclear warheads. 

At the White House, we notice a news bit about the airline passengers recovering (without any reference to the Brazil crash?). Has this all been glossed over?

Sterling talks to Martinez and apologizes for failing him. Martinez is relieved to hear Sterling isn't perfect and offers him a beer. He takes it. Bromance!

Meanwhile, we get to see Samantha is still alive. She is being escorted by her female captor down a hall where's she's taken to a room full of little girls...who all look like old women!

All we really got here was Hal Holbrook likely being in charge of the conspiracy to cover up the aliens' existence. Discussion of Thomas' research into the portal wasn't too surprising, as this seems to be the basis of both of the earlier events that demonstrated their power. A portal to their homeworld or home time?

So...Thomas was able to get in on the Manhattan Project back in the day, but somehow cannot access the components he needs from the nuclear missile arsenal? They've had sixty years to infiltrate society, and no one is in the armed forces? They have, unfortunately, pretty much established an omnipresence for Sophia's people—completely erasing Lee's involvement in the escape and securing his cover, opening up wormholes, killing/resurrecting people seemingly at will. How are we supposed to believe that Martinez and Sterling can possibly get an advantage over them?

The leaps of logic this show takes week to week continues to confound and amuse. I guess the joy of this is just going to be in how crazy each episode gets and what miracle of technology is plucked out of the air to solve a particular problem. As far as I'm concerned it's officially missed the boat in becoming a suitable intelligent replacement for Lost. It's heading more towards cheesy Stargate territory.

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