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Review: Being Human (USA) "The Ties That Blind"

Non Spoiler Review:
As ANOTHER full moon in imminent, Josh's weaves a tangled web of lies between Aidan and Nora regarding Cecilia—who has gone missing. Aidan's under pressure to solve Haggeman's death and Sally finally comes face to face with her reaper (and another familiar face, for like two minutes).

This was a better one that last week's miserable mess. Sally's plot is eye-rolling as usual, but the wolf/vampire angle showed some real drama and struggle. I'm still questioning the behaviour of Josh and Aidan given they seem to be so out of character at times, but it made for a good batch of conflict.

As I'll mention later, these full moons of the week are stretching plausibility just a tad, given it also apparently means no one actually talks about anything relating to plot in the weeks in between until it's necessary to the story. There's still lots of room for improvement. 

Spoilers Now!
Josh gets out of the shower to find whore written on the bathroom mirror. Aidan comes down for breakfast and sees the chairs all stacked in a poltergeist manner, and the lights going on and off. Sally doesn't know what's going on and doesn't think it's her fault. She's being a bitch about it, as usual.

Vampire Haddley comes to see Aidan at the hospital, investigating Haggeman's disappearance (and likely death). He's not leaving Boston without answers and orders Aidan to help him uncover the truth. Aidan confronts Josh about the murder investigation just disappearing thanks to Cecilia. She's disappeared too. The last thing Aidan wants is another vampire gone missing on his watch. Josh explains he gave Cecilia Haggeman's gun to kill the twins, and framed them for the crime. Rather than opt to figure this thing out together, Aidan lays on the guilt trip and informs Josh a friend should be there to pull him out, not dig him in deeper. No hypocrisy or irony there.

Sally realizes the poltergeist is Danny (!). She tells Aidan she think he sent the reaper to kill her or it's channelling Danny's voice. Sally finally explains everything that's recently happened to her (which makes no sense given all the full moons that have come and gone mean it's been several months since this all started, so she's just now talking to him about it?). Aidan pulls up a police report to find that Danny has died in jail. Aidan tries to assure her that she's been a ghost much longer than him, plus there's always this new plot device—iron—which apparently disperses ghostly presences.

Danny appears to Sally and seems to be more powerful than her for some (poorly explained) reason and pretty crazy on top of that. Even using iron on him has no effect. It looks like Sally's a goner, but then he's abruptly destroyed by the reaper, who takes the form of a man. Not taking her door made her a person of interest, he explains, and it's his job to get rid of ghosts like that. He admits she's an interesting case, though. She wants to know how much time she has, but he disappears.

Nora's also back at the hospital and all mopey. She wants to make everything right with Josh and wants to turn with him because it's the full moon AGAIN (pretty much every episode now). Conner and Brynn are happy to have Nora back. Conner thinks she can do better than Josh. Brynn tells her how Will's investigation went away, so Nora confronts Josh at the storage locker lab. Did Aidan send Cecilia to murder the twins, she asks? Josh acts like it was Aidan who did all that and concocts a lie. He really can't handle her new attitude about the wolf and thinks it's all messed up, so she storms out and lets him know she'll be turning with her friends that night.

Aidan gets Conner on the phone when he's trying to find Cecilia. He's got her prisoner and wants Aidan to meet them in the woods that night. Aidan brings Haddley up to speed about the wolf twins and how the two of them can kill them that night together. Josh shows up at the shed to talk to the twins and Nora, admitting he loves her and wants to be with her, even if it's with them. Conner just goads him. Then Aidan shows up, and Conner reveals the vampire tried to have them killed. Josh is forced to come clean about lying and sending Cecilia. 

Before the rest of them can debate his betrayal, Nora and Josh begin to transform. Conner explains they're having a vampire hunt. Cecilia's somewhere in the woods and Aidan has to find her first, so he takes off into the forest. Haddley's not ready to fight four werewolves and abandons him. Aidan then pulls out an additional plot device silver knife (which we see in a flashback—that never actually happened—Josh gave to him as a housewarming gift, just in case).

Josh and Nora track him down and attack. Aidan manages to cut one and gets to Cecilia as all four close in. She sacrifices herself to stay behind, otherwise she'll slow him down, so he does so, and the wolves tear her apart. 

Sally finds the reaper at her grave site. She says what we already know—she's not special, just miserable. He's enjoyed the company, but it doesn't balance the universe. He advises her to make her arrangements. 

Nora and Josh wake up together covered in blood. She says she always feels horrible after a turn because she's nolonger a wolf, and she went away because she never felt any remorse for Will. Part of her is having a hard time forgiving him for trying to kill his pack, while the other side is proud of him for embracing his wolf. Josh wants to be human and she doesn't anymore. He wants to forget the night ever happened and walks off.

Josh, Brynn, Conner and Nora gather at the shed as Aidan shows up—and shoots and kills Conner. He tells a horrified Brynn to leave Boston now. Conner's body transforms back to a wolf, and Aidan carries him away to drop off with Haddley, ordering the cowardly vampire to leave Boston, too, and tell the others whatever he wants. Josh leaves Nora to comfort Brynn. 

Aidan returns home with Josh and both go upstairs, leaving Sally unable to say her goodbyes. She says she's ready. We are too, Sally.

The Verdict:
It feel like the writers gave up on Sally's plot and decided to just throw whatever they could at it. Let's bring Danny back as a ghost, but kill him right away, and have the reaper actually be an attractive and philosophical gent. And where was her loving mother from last week? Sally is not a priority to Aidan and Josh at all. Despite the little scene with Aidan helping her, he forgot about her when his own problems got in the way. Will Sally be able to warm the heart of the obviously tortured reaper? Oh, probably.

I like the fact that Nora has gone native while Josh wants to cure them. It would be ballsy to have them break up. It was refreshing to see Josh and Aidan remember they're friends and look out for one another. Is it just me, or do the writers seem to be leaning towards male relationships? Henry, Josh and Aidan are all back to reforging their bromances, while Nora and Sally have been cast aside.

Vampire Haddley was another uneven casting choice, coming off of last week's detectives and Rena (who I've seen in an insurance commercial here in Canada). So many of these one-offs are cannon fodder it looks like little effort is being put into finding actors that don't feel like they're just going through the motions for a paycheque.

One other gripe is the writers seem unable to create a plot about the werewolves that doesn't involve the full moon each week—which means we usually get weeks of time between episodes. That makes the conversations Sally, Josh and Aidan are having about important stuff even more bizarre, given we're left to assume that no one has talked about what happened for weeks at a time?

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