Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Being Human (USA) "Dream Reaper"

Non Spoiler Review:
Sally's living life in a dream world, which you would think would be awesome for everyone in the real world, given she's out of their hair. Except ghost Sally has arcane locked the house and Aidan and Josh are stuck together's a full moon! What is a werewolf and vampire to do—call Zoe for help!

Sally's reaper business gets dealt with this week, but it's nothing that we haven't seen before, complete with evil demon voices revealing secrets, mind melds and all manner of exorcisty-type stuff. It served to get Josh and Aidan to hash out some grievances, but it's bad when the best thing about the episode is the set design of Sally's dream house.

Spoilers Now!
Sally's in a dream world where she's actually a nice person and dating her imaginary reaper persona. Meanwhile, Josh and Aidan are having a petty bitch fight about what to do. It's also the full moon (AGAIN), so Josh is easily agitated. And it's been over 24 hours since Aidan last drank blood, so he's testy, too. They decide only Zoe can help.

Zoe gets filled in, and chastises herself for not seeing it all coming. Josh apparently has not heard the reaper story yet (after how many months now? What do they talk about at home?). Zoe assumes the reaper is her alter, and if he wins it won't be Sally anymore (which wouldn't be so bad, would it?). 

In dream world, Sally gets IMs from Aidan asking her to come back to them. The reaper gets wise to them and manages to lock them all in the house so they can't get out. That means Zoe is locked inside with two monsters, and Josh decides to berate Aidan for not filling him in about the reaper.

Sally can hear their voices through the dream world. Zoe has an idea to meld their minds. That only aggravates Sally/reaper who remains trapped in the salt prison, but claims Sally is gone. She taunts both of them for being prisoners in the house and claims they did this to her from their neglect, and the reaper is just protecting her. A couple of more hours and they'll finally be dead. She brings up some valid points about Aidan killing in Josh's house. She also drops the bomb on  Zoe that Sally shredded Nick. 

Zoe's distraught and refuses to help, forcing the boys to come clean about their vampire/werewolf nature. She tries her meld again, and enters the dreamworld where Sally is hosting a party. She tries to get her back to reality. She's interrupted as she starts to bleed because Aidan is chowing down on her back in the house. Josh intervenes and pulls him off her. 

Josh is furious and berates him for feeding under their roof. He's the only one trying anymore. Aidan cries like a baby. Josh offers himself up to feed on, but apparently vampires don't drink from werewolves. He does so and enjoys it a little too much and seems satisfied after only a little drink. Then he starts throwing up blood (and that's why vampires don't drink from werewolves).

Nick is at Sally's dream party having a toast with the reaper. But Zoe's words are starting to sink in and she begins to remember. The reaper steps in to strangle Zoe, but Aidan's screams bring them back to reality—Sally chooses her friends and falls down the stairs to rejoin them.

The house is unlocked and Zoe wakes up. Sally assures Josh she's okay and he needs to go. Aidan manages to recover. Zoe's fine, but will never forgive Sally for what she did. Alone, Sally contemplates everything that's happened, and sees her reaper by the window, telling him she wants him gone. But it's not that simple. He's a part of her, and he'll wait until she he can catch her.

The Verdict:
Sally's dream house was amazing! And everyone  there wore sweet colour-coordinated clothes. Sadly, that's the best part. Because Sally seemed so much nicer and happier in her own faux life that I kind of wish we'd seen her in real life (and out of that terrible outfit she's stuck in). It would have been nice to end her story and leave her in that happy dream time, but, of course, that would mean everyone else got torn apart in their real house.

Back in reality she was speaking in cliched demon voices and still grumpy pants and I didn't care a hoot about her. That whole bit was something we've seen so many times before—the whole your friends just need to talk you back from the abyss thing. Even then, it looks like her reaper side is just waiting for a time when the writers have nothing for Sally to do (which could be in two weeks).

She managed to produce the ability to arcane lock the house and force Josh and Aidan to finally have a real conversation in months. But has it resolved anything? I still find Aidan to be such a whiny addict, that having Josh make his escape and run off with Julia is the only logical course for him right now.

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