Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead 94

Non Spoiler Review:
Issue 94, A Larger World, charts the journey to meet up with Jesus' people. Carl returns to the storyline as he talks to Jesus and seems to like him, then tags along as the group gets on the road to see if the stranger's story of a greater society is true.

The whole gang is back together for this trip, so it promises to be interesting once they get to the new settlement. It's been awhile, but Carl is finally back in the action of the story. 

While this whole storyline has been on a slow burn, at least it brings events to a point where it feels the world for our characters is going to change in a big way.

Spoilers Now!
Carl gets his bandages tended to, and sneaks in to see the prisoner, Jesus. Meanwhile, scouting around the borders of the community, Rick and Michonne find no indication that Jesus' people might be lying in wait. When Rick returns, he's alarmed to find his son talking to the captive. He informs Jesus he's going to lead them to his hilltop outpost, and if Rick doesn't like what he sees, he'll kill him on the spot.

Later, Aaron has a chat with Rick, making the comment that Rick didn't trust him at first, either, and things ended up not too bad. If he pushes Jesus too hard, he could damage some potential opportunities. Rick asks Andrea to stay behind, but she realizes he's protecting her given his feelings. She convinces him he needs her on this expedition.

Abraham joins the group, as well, so he, Rick, Glen, Michonne and Andrea drive off in a van with a tied up Jesus. On the way, they find Carl has stowed away, which infuriates Rick, but he opts to take him along. Carl just wants to see the place Jesus is talking about.

The next day they have to clear the road of some vehicles, and Jesus reveals he's been free all along. He and Rick seem to have established a measure of trust. Jesus sees they're good people, given his talk with Carl has impressed him that he's raised his son pretty well given the circumstances. Now he asks Rick to trust him, as they've arrived within sight of the hilltop.

The Verdict:
This was an interesting chapter. On one hand I did enjoy that Carl was getting back into the action of the book again, as well as the interplay among the characters along the journey. But Kirkman is taking his sweet time building up to whatever is waiting on the hilltop fort, so I will definitely be happy to actually get through the doors next month.

Rick can be very infuriating at times, and Aaron voices what is likely going through everyone's mind—that Rick's mistrust could royally screw up everyone's chances for a better life. It's very hard to gauge who is right in this circumstance, as the journey did bring up thoughts of Woodbury and all the mess that happened there. It will be interesting to see what kind of leadership lies within the hilltop, and if it raises the spectre of the governor.

The series has been about survival. Now they're reaching a place where it might be about rebuilding, so the implications of this storyline for the future of the The Walking Dead is really exciting.

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