Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Being Human (USA) "I've Got You Under Your Skin"

Non Spoiler Review:
The reaper comes for Sally, but offers her an interesting deal that could give her afterlife some direction. Josh's sister is back to care for him during his breakup. Aidan tries to save Henry while getting him and Suren off the hook for Bishop's troublesome orphan vampires.

A better one this week, but Being Human continues to throw out a hodgepodge of erratic plot driven elements rather than investing in the characters that we want to care for. There were some original bits—including a cool way to dispatch vampires, but Josh's B-plot was a yawner. Sally's story looks promising to at least provide something new for her, but it could be seen coming a mile away.

I repeat myself every week these days—I've Got You Under Your Skin is another batch of three storylines, for three characters leaving separate lives. Time to move out.

Spoilers Now!
Aidan called Josh's sister about his breakup, so she arrives to take care of him. Sally finds she can pick up objects now. That brings her reaper, who offers an out for her—become the reaper, or be shredded. He gives her the night to decide. Aidan is doubtful about the reaper's identity, and suggests he's just a ghost himself messing with her. Aidan thinks she should take him out the first chance she gets.

Aidan next has to meet with Suren and their (new) police contact to clean up some vampire murders. Mother is planning another trip to Boston. Suren has lied about executing the orphans. Aidan tracks down Henry at his human friend's house—this man operates a business allowing vampires to pay for being invited into his house. Aidan thinks he's found a way to save Henry and the orphans, so wants to discuss it with Henry. Unfortunately he's being watched. 

Sally meets up with Stevie and explains her situation, so wants to know how to shred her reaper. Stevie explains it's pretty easy as long as she goes by instinct. But shredding makes them dark (oooh). That's why Stevie doesn't have any friends. 

Reaper shows up at the house looking for her (Why can't he just appear to her? That assumes she can hide from him?). She attacks him and actually appears to shred him to little bits. Did it work? Of course not. But he's not really pissed, given she got such a rush from it, and that means she'd be a perfect reaper! After some soul searching she decides it might be something to give her purpose.

Unfortunately, as he takes her out on the town, her first mission is to shred Stevie (oh noes!). Because of all that ghost shredding. Apparently he's not as innocent as he led on. He shredded all his friends because he loves it so much. Sally tries to save Stevie by convincing him he needs help. But he denies everything, until he gets upset and reveals he's actually as crazy as she heard. Sally watches as the reaper shreds him.

Henry has gathered all the orphans as Aidan asked, so he promises to get them out via a friend in Baltimore who can give them work. There's no vampire authority there. Henry's human friend, however, is brought in to see Suren who wants to buy his house (and uninvite everyone inside). They quickly sign the papers while Aidan seems to rush Henry out of the house to let the others decide whether or not to go. As the document is signed, everyone in the house turns to ashes and Aidan and Henry escape. Henry is, of course, horrified. But he still refuses to run anymore.

Aidan reluctantly brings him back to see Suren. He tells her if she can't accept him then she can kill him. In exchange, she's going to need a token of his loyalty given his responsibility in the hotel massacre. She wants to skin him (though it will grow back). Henry agrees and Aidan leaves him to his punishment.

Josh's sister arranges for Julia to be at the same bar they're hanging out in. He and Julia end up talking all night. Josh pretty much admits that his attack turned him into a monster, and that's why he abandoned her, but he stops short of the werewolf part. But they do make their peace.

The Verdict:
The manner in which Suren and Aidan dispatched the orphans was an original bit of mythology, but it showcases one of the show's faults—everyone but the main stars are all expendable, and each week we get a culling. This one happened to be a bigger batch, including Stevie, who is apparently evil. When the three stars aren't all that compelling (or even likable at times), there's no one left to cheer for.

There just wasn't any drama in all the plot driven stuff—so what if Henry gets skinned. We hardly know him, and it's going to grow back anyway. Stevie turns out to be evil, so I guess it's not a big deal that the reaper takes him. Josh makes amends with his ex, who we've only seen briefly a couple of times before. Much like last week's flashback to Josh giving Aidan the silver knife—these are all moments and characters of convenience that carry no gravitas, and I have no investment in any of them.

Next week—Please let Sally at least have to shred her mother.

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